Primrose Hill by Christian Foley and Isaac B, An Assiduously Contrived Rap Showpiece

From London, England, Christian Foley and Isaac B, two good friends as per their own recount, crafted an exceedingly beautiful and genuine Rap single named Primrose Hill.We were friends before musical collaborators. Met a few years ago in Brixton, London, and we recognized each other’s rhyming skills during a cipher. We began working together informally but now are progressing towards our first common EP and Primrose Hill is the first single of it. We made the song toward the close of lockdown, after a day when we could finally climb Primrose Hill in springtime, and look at the skyline. It was a feeling we will remember with clarity, a sunlight-through-cloud moment. It was a glimpse of hope for us, that we had made it through something, that we were looking towards something, that finally, we were on the up,” shares exclusively with Blue Rhymez Entertainment Christian Foley, the producer of the record.

Primrose Hill, for those who just like us have never been to London, is an actual place thus the climbing part above while the song promotes a particular type of beauty, that of making promises to yourself and having the intent to keep them.

A mellow mhm while a pending beat drop looms around the corner make for a tremendous vibe to kick things off with. Caught in a nimbus cloud/ Going the distance/ F*ck the statistics/ I’m gonna make me proud follows the unique voice of Isaac B. Unique for several reasons: there is a crestfallen undertone to it that points to past hurt and distress; we also note a tad of anger at the basis of his delivery; and last but not least, the Rap artist uses beautiful pragmatic notions like the Nimbus clouds and statistics. It is our first time hearing of Isaac B. but we sure hope not the last.

Maybe I shouldn’t look up/ Grounded Shaolin monk/ Found a fountain/ Now runneth my cup/ Flooded with flow and fluent/ He ain’t talking he doing it up, develops a melodic flow Isaac B. Far ahead of his peers, the artist knows the importance of keeping fire bars commercially appealing for a real chance to catch on with the mainstream listener. The sped up-run down dynamic keeps being implemented throughout the first verse and it keeps the audience engaged. You don’t know what the man has in store for you but you know it’ll be worth your time.

The title is then used to concoct a pre-hook that turns out to be the setup for the higher pitch version of the same hook: Primrose Hill/ Primrose Hill/ Up on the hill/ Up on the hill/ Up on the hill.

And then something marvelous happens. We are offered a very romantic bridge that represents the self and potentially the future partner as well and it is sung in a most pristine manner that will touch you to the core: For you/ for you/ for you. Yes, that simple and yet that moving! Just replay that section and see how you get hit right in the feels.

Thing about time/ Sometimes time stands still/ Time stands still, still, still/ Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, comes Primerose Hill to a suave ending accompanied by the very resounding supporting back vocals and perfectly loud yet tame drums.

In a little over 2 minutes, Isaac B and Christian Foley, abiding by lyrical certainty and acoustic care, treated the listeners with a solid and technically competent masterpiece named Primrose Hill. It speaks to the heart, it touches the soul, and it entertains the ambition. Well done you two!

Song Credits: Isaac Briscoe (Isaac B) – Vocalist, Songwriter, Sound engineer; Christian Foley – Producer, Songwriter, Sound engineer.

Make sure you support the two talents by streaming Primrose Hill on Apple Music HERE, Amazon Music HERE, YouTube Music HERE, Tidal HERE, Deezer HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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