September 2022 Blue Rhymez Top 10 Hip Hop Radar

It’s not a new month if it’s not another Hip Hop Radar on the table! Everyone knows we love the genre here at BRE and have promised you to bring you the absolute best indie records every single month. September’s top Rap artists are presenting themselves with vicious relish and an arresting concoction of bars, flows, and metaphors. Turn up the volume, attune your hearing, and let your mind be invaded by pure art meeting real life.

10. Inflation by Grandmaster Dojo

With a bass hard to miss and drums hard to resist, Inflation by Grandmaster Dojo brings a dimension of duality to the paper chase. I’m tired of these people/ Tired of this jealousy/ Tired of this evil/ Money, greed, and power/ Jealousy and fame/ Sh*t is hard to dodge/ If you wanna make a name, sing-raps Grandmaster Dojo for the hook section. The melodic approach evidently highlights someone who’s been crafting their songwriting skills for a while now and they know to adapt their flow to the melody. A prominent addition is the official music video perfectly complementing the mockery of materialistic pursuits via puppet use instead of actual humans.

9. Soundwaves by Young YoGi

Inevitably sparked by the use of the erhu, the whimsical yet seldomly present instrument in the current Hip Hop sphere, Soundwaves becomes an appealing proposition of Chopped and screwed meshed with a philosophical take of the classic rags-to-riches story. The music feels as pensive as the bars feel existential with the Rap artist stating that he is a lonely alligator who came from the underground and is the pilot of his own dreams.

8. WAY WE LIVE by drodozer

A baseline strongly reminding us of Daft Punk’s One More Time plus a chilled back stylized flow result in WAY WE LIVE by drodozer. The song plays with a touch of skepticism woven with an intricate mental wordplay anchored in self-motivation and the reasons behind it. The retro instrumentation confers the record a special flair thus cementing it in the memory of the audience.

7. German Machine by Pablo Spragga

Daring lyrics, sexy drums, and complex percussion layout, all emerge together to create a behemoth of a song named German Machine. Pablo Spragga from Nigeria distinguished himself from the many artists with new releases in September thanks to his palpable excitement of doing music, spitting bars, having fun but also thanks to a flawless production and a hypnotizing flute.

6. Leaving The Endz by Knap

High-quality drill music with an English accent? Yes please and on repeat! UK Hip Hop is rather burgeoning this year and we always get more and more submissions from seriously outstanding artists like Knap. The rapper knew exactly what he was doing for the hook section. The Ti-di-ti-di high-pitched supporting track comes off ominous and eerie allowing Knap to sound like the most grounded and central element of Leaving The Endz. A potent song from a promising artist.

5. Tops Down by Matti Bluntless

I said f*ck yea/ Cashing out my cash bag/ I just wanna sell packs/ Spend my money fast/ And I wanna drive my fast whip/ With a bad b*tch and her bad friends/ With the top down/ With their tops down, we hear the Rap artist flow with a relaxed conviction for he knows the power and impact of his voice. Matti Bluntless released quite the excitingly sinister Rap showpiece displaying a flagrant vein of IDGAF-ness neatly arranged on a poignant instrumental.

4. Fake Love by Rev The Artist

The ominous synth aids the gravity of the title. Somebody’s been hurt and somebody’s not been nice. Where was you when I needed you?/ That bullsh*t we seeing through/ I don’t believe in you/ Keep the fake love, raps the artist with confounding density. Fake Love portrays the beautiful collision between addressing trivial relationships in one’s personal life and the reflection of such in the society surrounding us. Rev The Artist penned fascinating bars rendered real by a conversational-like flow and we support the natural factor oozing through and through from start to end.

3. Stay by Shawn Cook

Shawn Cook can be considered a singer just as much as one could classify him as a modern Rap artist. There is so much palpable musicality in the artist’s voice and so much thought behind the lyrics, commercial appeal, and instrumental arrangement. I won’t accept your ultimatum or requirements/ Love me just for who I am/ No judgement/ Time without you’s getting harder for me to spend/ Let’s go in just for the night/ And do it again, crystallizes the unstable nature of the artistic soul the one and only, Shawn Cook.

2. Loud by Jxrome

If we didn’t seem in awe of UK Rap taking over the indie sphere, we’re about to reiterate it again. Can’t hear them, come say that again/ Flavors there, that smoke too loud/ I’m working on a weekend/ I legit, got these pounds/ And yes you knew me back then/ Don’t think you can know me now/ Can’t hear you I’m over the fence/ Speakers on, pack’s too loud, masterfully delivers his attitude and determination over the rhythmic flow, Jxrome. The artist is unrelenting in expressing his views but also his truth for he takes pride in working over the weekends and openly admitting remembering these past people yet choosing not to deal with them in the present moment. The instrumental albeit seeming monochromatic, makes space for the rapper to work his magic and bestow his knowledge upon the listener.

1. Cold, Icy by Jay Zayat

Jay Zayat wholeheartedly got the top spot for he crafted the most undeniable earworm on the list. In a grandiloquent vein and star-quality swag transpiring through the delivery, Cold, Icy is everything that’s missing in today’s mainstream: persuasive, organic rap framed in a spotless mix and master. You get all the good sh*t you grew up with if you’re a Millennial, from the fun bars and carefree attitude to the trippy flute and stupidly sticky hook. We’re becoming unashamed fans of the song and of consequence, of the artist as well. Y’all motherf*ckers don’t like me/ Popped up quick on your Instagram pic/ Now y’all wanna’ be all beside me/ Yeah that’s cold, icy/ Bad lil’ ting’ no wifey, bluntly calls things by name the rapper and we’re here for it!

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