Give Me Your Love by Boris Ayson, The Right EDM Foot For Stepping Into Fall 2022

Sheer f*cking goosebumps when playing this song for the first time. Do you remember hearing Dua Lipa’s New Rules and you were like “Who is this? This is amazing!!!” That’s precisely how Give Me Your Love by Boris Ayson, Billy The Kit, and ANML KNGDM lands. From Hague, Netherlands, the 21-year-old producer’s engineering and composition skills invite staggering admiration for the song he brought forth today is a lavish EDM rendition permeated with huge eagerness to cement his name on the Dance market and succeed he will if you ask us. The music is heavily imbued with excellency typical of fresh faces, new names, and insuperable ambition of someone just starting out.

I came up with the idea for Give Me Your Love after I went with my best friends to the first festival of the summer season, and I had bumped into a girl there and we made rather an electric eye contact for the first time. We ended up partying all day long and had the best time together. So when I found myself in the studio again, I wanted so much to relive the energy of the festival and that amazing day,” recounts Boris Ayson exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Tell me why am I falling in too deep?/ In your ocean eyes, I can barely breathe/ You don’t realize what you want from me/ What you want from me, sings the beautiful voice as soon as the song commences. In all honesty, a song whose gravitational center does not require the listener to wait until second X is highly appealing in our book. And everyone else’s book for that matter. We do live in the world of TikTok after all where the user activity and engagement have beaten that of YouTube. EDM and House producers take note!

The deep electro baseline reverberating along with the singer engraves a solid impression in the mind of the audience. It’s not an airy-bells-and-lullabies type of composition. It’s a let’s-get-down-to-business sort. Funnily enough, the vocal range of the singer does evidently resemble the one of Dua Lipa. At second 34 is when the song reveals its core to the public. It’s hot, it’s sultry, it’s deep. Boris, we are definitely feeling that vibe you caught that day at the festival! Fantastic work!

The electro synth’s rhythm evoking the equivalent of acoustic violin plucks is of another world. So are the drums. And the claps. And the vocals. It’s almost as if you had Clean Bandit, Disclosure, and the Chainsmokers in one song. Breathtaking stuff indeed.

The upbeat dance motif goes on for a good while giving you the time to show off your best moves (or not if you’re a notoriously clumsy dancer). But at 01:07 there’s a new addition to the mix and it’s a fabulous one. We shall call it the funny trumpet because it bears a resemblance to the classic instrument while it is most flagrant that it is not. So this funny trumpet does quite the trick for Give Me Your Love (why didn’t you guys call it I Need Your Love at this point? That’s like THE stickiest line!) as it amps up the vibe and transposes the song from being a personal dedication to a large-room event. You hear it and you think RAVE. Sighing is allowed for those with bad knees. Maybe that’s one good thing Zuckerberg’s Meta will bring about.

In exactly 3 minutes, the enchantment of Boris Ayson’s single offered its listeners the sense of a perfectly electrical fall bound to unleash its beauty continuously long after you’re done playing it. We are looking forward to more releases from the promising name.

Song Credits: Boris Ayson – Producer; Joost Seilberger (Billy The Kit) – Producer; Cameron Lawrence, Patrick Heaney (ANML KNGDM) – Vocalists.

Make sure you support Boris Ayson on Apple Music HERE, Deezer HERE, YouTube Music HERE, Amazon Music HERE, and Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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