Here’s To Coping by Gavriel, An Exponent Of Modern Ballads And Acute Self-Awareness

You gotta love the world we’ve come to live in. Substantial narratives in music that are equivalent to a therapy session were few and far between just a decade ago. Now, however, we’ve got paragons like Here’s To Coping by Gavriel from Monsey New York, in collaboration with Bad Milk from London, UK, that fit like missing puzzle pieces in your brain for the ballad fulfills the craving for a modern production welded with organic vocals and scarily relatable wording.

I wrote the idea for the bridge when I was feeling bothered by the floodlights around my apartment complex that shine directly into my room and subsequently into my eyes through the blinds. I took the commonly used phrase “here’s to hoping” and added my own little spin to it. I asked my friend Owen (Bad Milk) if he’d get involved and fortunately, he got to work right away. I think a lot of people can relate to needing to cope more than needing to hope,” shares exclusively Gavriel for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

The morose piano is bitterly appealing and swiftly engulfs your imagination with a broken-hearted vibe. Yet, things are much deeper and more interesting than they first appear to be. The whimsical happenings start revealing themselves as soon as the singer introduces us to his voice.

You really got me in my feels lately/ And the worst is yet to come/ Can I get a bigger break than this?/ Oh I don’t know what the future holds/ And you got me going all night/ With the floodlights / And it’s too bright/ So I can’t sleep, no/ And you got me keeping my head down low/ So you’ll see me just, endearingly sings the artist. The remarkable aspect of Gavriel’s delivery stands in expressing his thoughts with ease and calm while the lyrics are mightily heavy.

The pre-hook works together with the chorus resulting in an elongated experience of the most commercially appealing bit of the record. The earworm is sung with tremendous facility just like the verse but we evidently hear more power and strength in the pitch variations: Tryna forget/ That I haven’t put my boundaries down yet/ All that we’ve said/ Keep my blood still boiling and then/ I can’t just try/ To be unbroken/ So here’s to coping.

The veracity of the self-awareness Gavriel possesses is glaring at you from the moment you hear the pain, self-acceptance, and inner truth transmitted in the chorus. The piano remains the central element of the instrumental but just as vital turns out to be the omnipresent percussion. The latter serves as a great drum replacement. Who would have known that a song can do away entirely with the drums and use the acoustic guitar, light barely-there supporting back vocals, and percussion instead? It is rather shocking how complete the composition sounds when one realizes the fact.

Gavriel summarizes his thoughts in the second verse in a beautiful rhetorical train of thought: I’ve been wondering how much more can I take/ Oh you don’t know what the future holds/ And if anybody could help they would/ Oh I hope so. The acceptance of the unknown is a comforting revelation for the listener as most of us do the best we can with what we have and still get caught by surprise by life’s intricate paths and derailments.

With some added repetition of already-existent lyrics, Here’s To Coping comes to an end. The hypnotic sonority of both the singer’s vocals and the music’s magical instrumentation becomes a returning incentive for the lovers of high-quality renditions. We are excited to hear more from the burgeoning artist in the near future.

Song Credits: Phillip Reichmann (Gavriel) – Artist, Singer, Songwriter, Producer; Owen Martin Roberts (Bad Milk) – Artist, Songwriter, Producer

Make sure you support Gavriel by streaming Here’s To Coping on Amazon Music HERE, Apple Music HERE, YouTube Music HERE, Tidal HERE, Deezer HERE, and Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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