7 Questions To Reveal Someone’s Intentions Towards You, The Musician

This article might as well be considered taboo for many in the business as no one likes talking about the dirty, ugly, and uncomfortable BUT both male and female musicians deal with a lot of hidden intentions and fake interested parties. The following 7 questions will help you, the musician, weed out the true professionals from the, let’s call them by their name, predators. Indie artists, memorize the list and protect both your brand and your body!

7. What song of mine you find to be the most commercially appealing and why?

Ask this one of any non-serious A&R, producer, agent, and they’ll babble like five-year-olds fumbling wooden cubes. If someone is not actually talking to you for the music, trust us when we say, they did not hear out your entire catalog and they do not have the patience to know you as an artist before all else. If they can not give you an answer straight away, drop them like a hot potato.

6. What similar artists have you worked with in the past two years and how did you help them precisely?

Again, pros usually specialize in a genre they are most fond of and they can name you many similar artists if you fit their category. Someone who’s just eyeing you for your looks and possibly more, will throw around answers like “I actually never work with R&B singers, but you are special!” Do you realize how stupid this sounds? RUN.

5. What artist do you envision to be the best collaboration for me to expand my fanbase within the next year and why?

This one is a real head-scratcher. If they aren’t pursuing you to sincerely help you monetize your talent and subsequently earn off your brand for themselves as well, they didn’t even think that far nor will they anytime soon. No clear answer equals no bonafide interest.

4. Do you still stay in touch with your past projects?

Because problematic individuals have generally hurt many scared, hungry, alone artists before they even got to meet you. If everything that comes out of their mouth is equivalent to NO, there’s something wrong with them. Very wrong for that matter. Good, reputable agents and managers are coveted in the music business and their success is also due to being an excellent networker who respects people.

3. What’s your opinion on contracts?

A neutral opinion is acceptable. Along the lines of “Whatever makes the artist feel comfortable” is ideal! But a vehement NO is the biggest red flag you could get a hold of when making up your mind about someone in the music business regardless of the country you’re in.

2. What do you enjoy most about your job?

A professional is likely to point out reasons a, b, c. A charlatan will deflect the question back to you to flatter you such as “meeting artists like yourself” or sound even dumber with something like “jetting across the world and partying with A-listers.” Yes, they do think that flexing their access to luxury will impress you and keep you around.

1. What do you think of artists being closely tied to their friends and family?

A sane person will say “I think that’s amazing and they have higher chances to succeed because everyone needs a support system!” An ill-intentioned individual will be entirely on the other side of the spectrum saying bogus sh*t like “Oh family and friends always hold creative people back. I find the most successful artists to be loners who are usually single.” The difference in answers is owed to the malevolent douche wanting to isolate you from people who would see beyond their niceties and hold them accountable for their actions towards you. A healthy professional with a business-only mentality will be delighted to hear that you get along with your folks because that means less stress for them.

Stay vigilant and stay protective of all the hard work you’re putting in!

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