10 Sound Reasons Why Musicians Are Highly Spiritual People (part 1/2)

Whether they believe in God, the Universe, deities, or follow astrology, musicians are either openly or secretly highly spiritual. Don’t be surprised if the cute Rock singer you met at your local dive bar is also a practicing witch on Friday nights. The common denominator stays the same: believing in something bigger than themselves and than what meets the eye in the 3D realm. And that our dear readers, is a beautiful thing in itself! Below we are dissecting the 10 reasons why musicians are highly spiritual people to help you understand the peculiarity of many artists’ beliefs.

10. Music and lyrics are written with emotions first, logic second.

Sometimes logic does not even cross the door during a songwriting session. One has to FEEL more than they THINK for them to be able to write wonderful pieces. A great composition ranges from a hit song, melancholic ballad, to a solo riff, or even a freestyle piece. And when you feel to the extent musicians do, you can’t help but feel different than most logical folks around you. The constant awareness of being different pushes most musicians to look for guidance elsewhere.

9. Systems hold back, spirituality encourages.

Most musicians are unstable in their nature; meaning they like traveling, experiencing new things, meeting new people, and writing new stuff all the time, duh! Not surprisingly many have many soulmates throughout their lifetime on Earth. In the same vein of being noncommittal, a hefty number of famous artists dropped out of college, and some even out of high school.

While at the beginning of their career, musicians are discouraged all the time by the people surrounding them from pursuing their bigger-than-life dreams. Those people are 100% of the time, part of the system and for them, it has worked out just fine! They went to high school, then college, some even got master’s degrees, and found well-paying jobs. The issue shows up when these normal people become heavily biased against less traditional paths in life for they see the world only through their own lens.

Then spirituality makes its way into a musician’s life and all of a sudden, he/she doesn’t feel outcasted anymore. They actually find a spiritual home that allows them to be themselves and even better, ENCOURAGES their creativity and rebelliousness.

From a purely logical standpoint, nobody stays where they’re not welcome.

8. Daily life is boring while mysticism is infinite.

Nothing makes an artistic person wanna cry more than abiding by a daily routine and having realistic expectations of life and people. Boredom kills creativity and the normal 9-to-5 life is extremely boring in most musicians’ eyes.

But watch what happens when they read Sci-Fi, thrillers, or even horror books. Musicians get pumped, their wheels start turning, and their confidence grows. Equally, why settle for a normal life when you can study symbolism, mysticism, magic, and secret teachings? Many may not word it this way but it is exactly why spirituality in any form feeds the soul of the artist more than a normal life ever could.

7. There’s a nice chunk of ego in being associated with a secret group.

Because let’s admit, few artists are selfless. The very act of performing on stage implies that you naturally crave attention considerably more than the average person. And surprise surprise, of course the tendency of being in the spotlight translates to most areas of the artist’s life as well. Most musicians are secretly not-so-secretly considering themselves special. Well, they are! Not everyone can use both parts of the brain the way they do when composing music and words simultaneously.

Respectively, belonging to a group that claims to be more enlightened than the rest, be it a specific religion or cult, only makes sense in the life of a creative musician. The ego needs to be fed and in some cases, more than once a week. Although not a musician, we are pretty willing to bet that Tom Cruise’s reasoning behind his religious choice is this.

6. Pragmatism kills joy while hope gives you wings.

Let’s break it down in extremely simple terms. If you want to reach a million people’s attention, in cold thinking parameters, you have to pay for advertising to a million people. Whereas musicians would much rather put their hopes in being discovered overnight or having a video go viral than accepting the fact that it’s likelier they can create a business from scratch and generate the needed money to pay for the advertising to reach the same amount of people.

And guess what? Being realistic kills the joy of being a musician because the chances of making it are slim to none. Accordingly, if you just do it for the love of it and let spirituality guide you and assure you you will indeed one day be given all you desire, you are capable as a music artist to push through when all else seems to be working against you. Spirituality is basically NEEDED for a musician to have any hopes of making it.

Make sure you read part 2!

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