10 Sound Reasons Why Musicians Are Highly Spiritual People (part 2/2)

In part 1 we dug deep into the psyche and emotional fabric of music artists thus revealing to you why spirituality and music go hand in hand and kinda, sorta, do have to co-exist in symbiosis for creative people to achieve their full potential. In part 2, it’s only getting deeper! Grab your popcorn or your latte and marvel yourself at these peculiar individuals that make our lives bearable, especially in times of darkness around the world.

5. Background matters too.

Obviously, if you are exposed as a child to certain practices and beliefs, you are very likely to adopt them as your own choice when you grow up. Well, so it happens that Gospel singers for example, very often come from religious families. Similarly, if a musician had interesting personalities believing in the ethereal or even engaging in ritual practices, to them this feels absolutely normal. To one musician, the ritual is giving 10% to the church every Sunday and singing with their full diaphragm while for the other, the same value is provided by going to annual magic conventions and following the moon cycles. If you ask us, they’re both right. Who are we to judge? Plus, many musicians do both on different days of the week 😀

4. An archetype can understand them better than their therapist or even mother.

Remember from part 1 the whole musicians are uber different than everyone else emphasis? Still valid! If a logical mother has an artistic son, Lord almighty have mercy upon that household! Sure, some amazing mothers encourage their sons’ talent irrespectively of what they are, but most want their progeny to follow a safe and stable path.

And therapists, sincerely, don’t qualify, for the majority of them, to handle a musician’s emotions and life view. They tend to categorize artists in one box and slap them with “a bit eccentric, a bit clingy, attention-starved, and obnoxious and off you go to read a calming book and do yoga.” It is never that simple.

So who will musicians relate to in order to stay mentally sane and cope with the cold world? Heroes. Misunderstood and misjudged heroes to be more precise. The archetype that seems to choose to suffer albeit unknownst to him/her.

3. The need to find a reason behind the pain and struggle is bigger than one can fathom.

Like the Bible tells Christians they are being built into better people when given struggles to go through, and like Allah tells his followers that with every difficulty there is relief, so do musicians seek the meaning in the struggle they place upon themselves when choosing a music career. What is life without meaning and without hoping for the light at the end of a very dark, long tunnel? Some will opt for religious teachings and others for more Universe-like approaches.

2. Impacting the world beyond themselves and next of kin starts pestering everyone after a while.

When you’re young, unless you’re some very special teenager, all you can think about is how to succeed in life so that you make your family and yourself proud. Some even think as far as what they’re going to leave their future kids. And that is all great news, but after a while on this planet… You realize that unless you push yourself to do something on a bigger scale, nothing is going to change around you. Governments and public services never achieve as much as people on their own when setting out with purpose and determination. It is the small groups of people who clean rivers, cure animals, feed starving children, build shelters, and share their knowledge for free that make the true difference in the world. And while they may be special, musicians are not alien. They too reach this conclusion sooner or later so they turn to spirituality.

Sure, you will feel the call, probably later than sooner, to go sing to dying cancer patients in hospitals, raise money through your music for a plethora of charities, and do work for free for the pure emotional payout, but you will also need an explanation for why the sudden shift in your mind and existence. And sincerely, logical reasoning here doesn’t apply.

1. Some have actually had supernatural experiences.

Kanye’s car accident or 50 Cent’s shooting, are living proof of activating your full power and taking life by the horns because your time might be up this evening. There is something scary, beautiful, and enlightening in witnessing just how much an artist, or anyone for that matter, changes when they come so close to dying. If you know someone who’s been through such a pivotal experience in their life, then you know exactly the irrevocable impact it has on the person.

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