5 Ways Only Artists With A Budget Can Push Their Careers To The Front

While talent is the basis, money is the dealbreaker. Some are talented and lucky enough to come across money indirectly, like a label signing their act or a sponsor directly investing in them, and the rest have to finance themselves in whatever way they can. Sure, there is a third group too. The artists who are half talented thinking that no money is needed to succeed in the music business. Very funny indeed! Not. Below we’ve compiled the 5 ways only artists with a budget can push their careers to the front to inspire you to take that extra job and save that money so you can increase your odds in this merciless industry. Enjoy your read!

5. Creating timeless visuals.

No matter how amazing your creativity is and how skillful you are, music videos done by professionals are music videos done by professionals. They have cameras, lenses, and stabilizers that we can only dream of and that rightfully cost a leg. The difference in quality is noticeable and therefore, memorable. In today’s world visuals matter just as much as music. K-pop wouldn’t be K-pop were it not for their amazing music videos.

4. Drafting a real marketing plan for promoting the song/project.

Or hiring someone who knows how to do it. What is the sense in planning things that are not pragmatic and won’t take you further than your local indie station? Actually, let’s take it down a notch. Many indie artists have NO plan for when they release their songs, music videos, or albums. Can you imagine a brand new hair salon opening its doors to customers but never planning to advertise it? Just even saying it sounds ignorant so why do many indie acts treat their work like disposable second-hand bags?

3. Keeping up the brand image at all times thus promoting organic reach.

Showing up expensively dressed in your music videos but looking like you’re having a perpetual hangover in real life will chip away at your credibility as an upcoming indie artist. Whatever you portray has to be sustainable. As an indie act, you have to be an artist off the stage as well. You will double, triple, and quintuple the number of people interested in discovering what you do if you embrace your stage archetype and character the moment you come in contact with anyone other than yourself and immediate family members. Someone without resources can’t afford to show up as their best self at all times.

2. Getting into the right places so you can meet the right people.

Imagine how much hope and inspiration you would feel if you knew you could get into the tight-sealed VIP spots where the A-listers go and equally how much relief you’d gain if you knew you could pay the DJ of any club to add your song to that evening’s rotation. That’s something only money can buy. Many music artists, probably more than you can fathom, have paid many DJs in many clubs across the world to give their songs a try. And guess what, while the first time might be for the money, the second time will be because the DJ has taken notice that people vibed to your record and therefore they’re starting to believe in the song.

Many artists along with their managers actually strategically book vacations at well-known, celeb-favorite hotels so they can strike ‘random’ conversations with key people in the business.

1. Promoting ongoingly their social media content.

Before you become someone people talk about, you have to force them to look at you. In today’s world, you do that via ads. And you can’t just run them once and call it a day either. You have to do it on a continuous basis in a logical order so that your ideal audience sees you repeatedly and eventually decides to follow you and engage with your content on the regular. A broke artist can’t do that and it’s a sad thing to see especially when they’re ridiculously good at what they do.

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