Top 10 Most Calming Songs Of Fall 2022

This one was a real head-scratcher for we had a significant variance of soothing tunes and whimsical voices at our disposal. However, the following 10 records embellish daily life and emotions into something ethereal and pellucidly beautiful. Whatever feelings on the heart spectrum you’re in right now, at least one of the following songs will speak directly to you. Enjoy and share your favorite!

10. Closer by Hunter

From the very first lines, one quickly grasps the appreciable vocal mastery of Hunter: I’m watching you watching me like I’m on TV/ I play it cool but I like everything I see/ I hope you’re not one of those shy types/ The kind that likes to take you time types/ No need to fight it, we’ve got the chemistry.

Closer lands on the ears like a warm blanket on your cold body after a night out camping. It’s light in attitude, straightforward in its narrative, and delightful in instrumentation. A feel-good creation all around.

9. Sweet Summer Dreams by Noraa

How would you feel if we told you that R&B can most decidedly be mixed with Avant Pop and it will result in a timeless piece? That ladies and gents, is Sweet Summer Dreams by Noraa.

Sweet summer dreams with my baby/ Don’t you wake me up/ I just wanna be lazy/ With you-hoo-hoo, unveils itself the acoustic zenith of Noraa’s single. The overall vibe is palpably flirtatious balmed in organic lead tracks and augmented in impact by the pristine supporting tracks. If you are in need of a song good for both sending you to sleep and getting your mood on, this is the one.

8. Five Minutes by Aleks Grey ft. Iselin

So can we turn off the news tonight?/ We got the songs we like/ We should be dancing/ The world’s a little loud right now/ How about we try to forget about it?/ Make me forget about it, sing in unison the perfectly balanced voices of Aleks Grey and Iselin.

Five Minutes extrapolates the very modern, relevant, relatable issue of couples and relationship dynamics being heavily influenced by the outside world without realizing the extent of it. The abundant lyrical imagery infused in the record by both songwriters complements the beautifully melancholic instrumental. A song perfect for rainy days and envisioning a love worth writing about.

7. Next To Me by Le BAHO

The following lyrics will instantaneously prove why we selected Next To Me for this list: There’s a fire blazing/ Flames collide/ In the chimney, they’re still dancing/ Clock is ticking way too fast/ Need to stop it, for a second/ It’s a quarter after 3/ Clock will sing/ But room feels so much better when you sleep.

The warm, snuggly voice of Le BAHO resolves to be the prime ingredient of Next To Me for it gracefully guides the listener into surrendering to the light instrumentation and comforting lyrics. Songs like this are not made every day and visuals produced by the artist to achieve this quality are even rarer.

6. Open Arms by Ruby Waters

I will not go to therapy/ My vices will suffice/ Yeah they are the fix I need/ I refuse to go sit/ In a boxy room/ Put upon a stranger my impending doom, sheesh! now that’s a new take on refusing therapy for the benefit of the therapist!

Open Arms by Ruby Waters feels like that lethargic dose of reality that we humans need in order to grow, expand, but also accept our multitude of parallel emotions coexisting within each of us. The music’s appeal is highly determined by the captivating mesh between Ruby Waters’ vocals and the acoustic guitar’s strums.

Our favorite line: It’s okay that today feels harder than yesterday.

5. Mailman by Maya Elise and The Good Dream

That moment when the lyrics are too good to not be quoted in length: Before we knew our parents lied/ Before we ever compromised/ So I got up and poured a cup of chamomile tea/ You said: “can I have one too”?/ I said “it’s already brewing”/ I’m the mailman at the door and/ You’re the freight train in the morning/ Singer in an uptown bar/ You’re the whiskey in a jar/ I can drink you up tonight and/ You can lose another fight.

Mailman by Maya Elise and The Good Dream grant the listener a visceral experience via the unimitable vocals and poetic paintings evoked by the lyrics. With Rock hues at its basis, the record brings about early 2000s vibes when times were much simpler indeed.

4. Easy With You by Amber Westerman

Want to feel forever alone? Take a seat! When my head spins around/ You make my heart slow down/ Like a metronome, I feel at home/ Or when I’m needing more/ You build the notes to my chords/ Like a leading tone, you take me home/ We sing the same song/ And it always goes on/ Even when we’re off beat/ It feels like it should. On a serious note, Easy With You by Amber Westerman bestows upon its public the engulfing summit of a love so deep that calms you even when apart.

Production-wise, the naturally built layers of instrumentation heighten the bonafide artistic quality one perceives as soon as the singer commences her rendition. Now get a hot beverage, a warm blanket, and calm yourself down if you’re single. You’re not the only one.

3. You Don’t Want My Heart by Valère Géron

From Sweden, Valère Géron decided to get toxic with flair on a most wondrous, vintage-sounding instrumental: Oh my love/ I fear somebody will make you cry/ But then I look at you/ Baby I gotta say bye/ You don’t want my heart/ You won’t get far. Aww, don’t we all miss the thunder of high-school love but completely abhor the lack of healthy communication due to being young and stupid. 😀

You Don’t Want My Heart by Valère Géron stole our hearts with the slightly upbeat tempo and retro polishing touches on the mix and master of the record. You could be dressed in a pajama curled up in a ball at home, and yet, this song will make you wanna dress up and go out dancing. Fancy affair this song, ay?

2. Never Have I Ever by Anna Leeworthy

What would I say to myself back then?/ Pick yourself up have the courage to leave/ But I wouldn’t listen to me/ I wouldn’t listen to anybody, breathtakingly delivers some ice-cold lines the singer Anna Leeworthy. The rhymes paired with the sultry music and piercing vocals make for an absolutely outstanding fall jam meant to remind you we all mess up and we all fail before we succeed.

The organic instrumentation only instills the electrical vibe of a mid-fall season and the mix of acceptance, remembrance, and maturity form the rock-solid foundation upon which great first impressions form. We are majorly intrigued.

1. Honeymoon by Nachi ft. Lusli, Dacey Curran, AX.EL

You, the one sobbing from song 2, come back! Number one is for you! I fall asleep/ All I see is you smiling/ Tilting your head/ Batting your eyes, and/ Your body’s so close/ Your body’s so warm/ But when I wake up/ Oh baby, you’re gone, see? You’re not alone in your loneliness 😀

Honeymoon by Nachi ft. Lusli, Dacey Curran and AX.EL brings a convoluted message to the table for one the music enlightens and soothes while the message at a closer listen, speaks of loss. Like… Really bad loss: The day I woke up/ And I saw that you left me/ Your ring on my desk/ Your closet was empty/ No reason for going/ Why couldn’t you stay?/ And baby the wedding was the very next day. Do you know how people lose themselves in dissecting the multiple meanings in high-end paintings? This is the reaction you get from Honeymoon.

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