Remember by Parmy Dhillon, A Haunting But Necessary Indie Folk Record

From Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Parmy Dhillon wrote a song powerful enough to make you count your blessings for the topic he chose is not an easy one to stomach: “I wrote Remember as a way for me to express and heal some of my childhood trauma. It’s not actually something I have been comfortable speaking about only until recently. It is one of those songs that I sincerely wrote for myself with no expectations of others.

The Indie Folk record, already rare in its narrative, beckons the public with classic Rock strums and Country-like intonation into discovering the emotional aftereffect of child abuse. Hard to hear? Yes. But, absolutely necessary in a world where so many children are still abused in many forms and broken adults hide their past trauma. Songs like this pull out the splinter from the heart by showing one is not alone in their suffering.

The increase in suspense is owed to the eerie incipient synth that permeates the mood without any added words or instruments. At second 5, the morose atmosphere is interrupted by a much lighter-sounding acoustic guitar: Tell you a story/ About a boy in a house but no home/ Had him believe that his eyes were as dark as a stone/ Well the pain runs deep/ Like the scars that were left on his face/ If you don’t remember me/ Remember my name. Okay, here we go. Straight to the gut!

Parmy Dhillon’s soulful yet almost drunken-like stylistically adapted rendition does something to the listener. Had the artist chosen to clearly differentiate and separate all words, the song would have been ten times darker whereas the nasal quality alleviates the deep heaviness that intrinsically comes with the words.

They told him his hands were unclean so he washed til they bled/ Of course he believed all the lies that were put in his head/ I remember, remember the light that they took from your soul/ The light that they took was what broke down, broke down your world, sings back to himself Parmy Dhillon. The ability to hold a mirror to the past and accept its permanent impact without falling back into the pain is titan work and the Indie Folk artist seems to have successfully completed it.

The poetic prowess of Parmy Dhillon transformed some of the most disturbing pain imaginable into a coping masterpiece that touches on a material truth denied by many and ignored by even more.

The production style of Remember masterfully brings about tangencies with the ’80s and ’90s legendary mainstream hit songs. A beautiful surprise ingredient occurs right before the second minute reminding Millennials and everyone older of the timeless 5th Element Diva moment. Ironically enough, the main female character, Leeloo also was innocent to the point of everyone around her trying to take advantage of her. Something to ponder on.

In conclusion, Remember pursues a delicate subject from a third-party perspective thus palliating deep trauma from the mind of the public while still making itself endearing, philosophical, and eerily vivid.

Song Credits: Parmy Dhillon – Guitar Player, Singer, Songwriter; Sam Panetta- Music Producer, Engineer, Instrumentalist.

Make sure you support Parmy Dhillon by streaming Remember on Amazon Music HERE, Deezer HERE, Apple Music HERE, YouTube Music HERE, and on Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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