Unbreakable by Chadwick Johnson, The Song You Needed Yesterday And Tomorrow!

Chadwick Johnson from Los Angeles, California, concocted a special song for everyone who is mega nostalgic about the 90s-2000s’ splendid, soulful Pop ballads. When you hear Unbreakable, you totally get why the genre used to be a hot sell back in the day.

I wrote Unbreakable at a time when everything in my music career had been stripped away from me. Even with the pandemic and everything, I was feeling strong again. I was feeling like I was moving forward unshaken and unbreakable in my pursuit to recreate myself not only as an artist but as a human being. Unbreakable is ultimately about my ability to work through and overcome the struggle. It’s about resilience!” recounts Chadwick Johnson exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

I used to give it all, wear my heart on my sleeve/ Seems I’ve lost my shirt and I’m caught in between/ I used to take the fall oh, I’d turn the other cheek/ As hope walked out the door but this feeling it won’t ever leave, sings Chadwick with a tenacious grip over his vocal. The songwriting skill is immediately perceived clearly via the first seconds of Unbreakable which feature a straight-to-the-point rendition without much ado and auxiliary yet redundant speeches. In such a short time, the singer has already won us over thanks to his prompt delivery, individualistic yet relatable lyrics, and my oh my, a voice like those of the gods in Olympus.

The chorus follows in the same grandiose vein assuring the audience of perpetual greatness beyond the first verse: I got fire on the tongue, I got sparks in the veins/ Cracks in the armor, but the fight still remains/ You can’t break me, I keep on keepin’ on/ I keep finding my feet, I keep going strong/ Can’t help but be unshakeable, unbreakable me. Daaamn! Those ballad strums and romantic violins shine and touch the soul like no other song can do in this day and age. You feeling nostalgic yet dear Millennials? You are SO not alone ❤

How can one work out so beautifully the balance between organic instrumentation and a meaningful narrative while we are sorta, kinda, very much starving for this same substance on the mainstream charts? Songs like Unbreakable truly incite in you the sheer desire to stop being lazy and hear out records on Autoplay and put in the manual effort instead to support indie artists because boy do they make music that’s worth of giving your time and attention to!

I’m dizzy from the fall brought back down to my knees/ Only way is up but it’s so hard to see/ The walk before the crawl or the courage just to dream/ Rising up from the deep there’s a current that’s racing through me, mesmerizingly goes into a profoundly motivational rendition the singer of Unbreakable. If one was not familiar with the fact of the masterpiece being a song, it would very easily pass for a poem by an erudite writer. When we add the spotless production as an influencing factor upon the impression of the public, Unbreakable becomes unforgettable.

With a repeated hook and a beautiful two-liner holding the glue between (I’ve lost minutes and hours, I can’t count the days/ But the one thing I tell you that won’t ever change) the song comes to a peaceful, reflective, and engulfing end culminating in I said I’ll always be, unbreakable.

Chadwick Johnson presents an immense sonic opportunity to the modern listener via his release Unbreakable as the song feels ruptured from a much simpler and beautiful age when everyone took their time to digest a ballad and grow fond of it. We sure did and hope our readers will too.

Song Credits: Chadwick Johnson – Singer, Songwriter; Kalani Queypo – Songwriter; Eli Beaird – Bass; Grady Saxman – Drums; Troy Lancaster – Electric Guitar; Blair Masters – Piano and Organ; Devin Malone – Acoustic Guitar; Adrianna Thurber – Violin; Sarah Chaffee – Cello; Luis Pacheco, Rob Lane, Jim DeBlanc – Recording Engineers; David Buchanan – Mixing Engineer; Jim DeMain – Mastering Engineer.

Make sure you support the artist by streaming Unbreakable on Apple Music HERE, Deezer HERE, Tidal HERE, YouTube Music HERE, Amazon Music HERE, and Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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