PROBLEMS by Bishat, Pretty Trap As Invented By The Artist Herself

From Stockholm, Sweden, Bishat is creating problems where there are none with her new Pretty Trap song, PROBLEMS (duh!) The way the singer achieves this is by perfectly portraying what wholesomeness feels like when being truly in love and loved back. Those in less than perfect relationships will feel very alone with this record but hey, maybe for some of you this will be the last nudge in the behind to go find someone better!

I wrote it in the beginning of a relationship when we were trying to figure out how NOT to mess it up like we had always done previuosly. We just sat there telling each other all our flaws and desires and a few days later I wrote the song,” recounts the singer exclusively for Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

Well, when the voice sounds so confident and profesionally trained from the getgo, there’s not much else one can say or do other than be completely hypnotized into pleasantly discovering the natural delivery of Bishat’s PROBLEMS: I’m a little complicated/ Overthink things and you hate it/ Get in a mood but saying nothing/ Never been too good at talking/ You get understimulated/ Work too much and keep me waiting. Knowing the basis upon which the song was created, the impact of the lyrics becomes tenfold more veritable and meaningful. This is real love in real life and a surprisingly beautiful voice matching the obviously gorgeous looks of the singer! Yes, with all due respect, many pretty faces got only that going on for them. Not Bishat though, she is the whole package, threat, and leader in command.

The singer beautifully follows up on the minimalistic instrumental: Valentines don’t mean a thing to you/ But I know I’m everything to you/ I’m not tryna be what you need/ And you wear your flaws on your sleeve/ And it hurts when we burst in the seam/ We break things, no issue/ I’m not trynna fix you. Let’s stop for a second to appreciate how wonderfully laid out are the melodic changes in the vcocal arrangement. From up-and-down, fast-to-slow, light-to-deep, the flow and pitch of PROBLEMS is problematically catchy for one easily starts humming along before the hook even kicks in. Yeah, we are totally in love with this song and it’s only praises the entire review so deal with it.

If it’s good enough for u/ And it’s good enough for me/ We let it be/ We’re not out here counting problems/ We just find a way to solve ’em/ See I’m not blaming you/ If you’re not blaming me/ Well honestly/ We’re not out here counting problems/ Always finding ways to solve ’em, Bishat has us believing in love again with this ultimate acceptance of a flawed partner as long as they’re willing to put in the work. Why can’t we just 3D print who we need? We are not asking for much, just to think like Bishat does.

On a serious note, the hook is as breezy as it is endearing. Someone could rap these bars with a hard voice and they would pretty much equate the end of the world for the meaning of PROBLEMS is that substantial. Bishat, however, knows to deliver austere knowledge and the ultimate love confession while singing like a siren.

I’m scared of being co-dependent/ I don’t believe in happy endings/ I’m still in it for the longest/ Nothing ever felt this honest, hits us with the coup de grâce in lyrical regards the singer from Sweden. Why is this the cherry on top? Because the realism employed in expressing her feelings was already whimsical and ethereal when aided by the mesmerizing voice, but delving into the insecurity and uncertainty of the future while still hoping for a happy ending, is the ultimate pat on the shoulder for all the listeners who’ve stopped believing in love but STILL would very much like to experience one like in the movies. Or at least the half decent novels. With global warming, war, and a pandemic, those standards are going down 😀

All in all, PROBLEMS enchants the public with its capacity for embracing a flawed human’s heart and equally giving up yours in exchange in a beautiful union adorned by the otherworldly voice of Bishat.

Song Credits: Bishat Araya (Bishat) – Artist, Songwriter; David Kjellstrand – Songwriter, Producer; Rikard de Bruin – Producer, Mixer; Mikael Sahlsten – Mixer; Tyler Scott – Mastering Engineer.

Make sure you support Bishat by streaming PROBLEMS on Deezer HERE, Amazon Music HERE, Apple Music HERE, YouTube Music HERE, and Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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