Top 10 Best Hip Hop Songs Of Fall 2022 as per Blue Rhymez Ent.

If you love Hip Hop and we were to recommend you only 10 records for the next 2 months, this is it! The following list comprises a hefty variance of neatly produced songs that encompass life’s intricate moments: from self-made success stories and going after the money before all else, to break-ups and feeling represented by a chemical element. Yes! Track one really is something else! Enjoy our Top 10 Best Hip Hop Songs of Fall 2022 as per Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

10. Swear To God by N$N Klippa

Getting our priorities straight, we’re starting the list with Swear To God by N$N Klippa: If it ain’t about money/ I swear to God that h*e b*tch won’t hear nothin’ from me/ And I swear to God that duffel bag, brown paper bag -bloody. When you take the rapid-yet-smooth flow of N$N Klippa in conjunction with the paper chasing of capital importance, Swear To God, funnily enough, does start sounding like a custom prayer for Hip Hop heads looking to elevate their financial status.

And my ex b*tch wanna tell my new b*tch so bad that she lucky – amuses the audience N$N Klippa in one of his thunderous bars that you risk missing if not paying close enough attention.

9. No Lacking by TrenchBaby Rich

Taking it up a notch with a self-made anthem is TrenchBaby Rich with No Lacking. All these f*cking blues got me feeling like a smurf/ All these f*cking jewels got me feeling like a jerk/ Imma stack this motherf*cker, Imma move the work/ You gon’ lay up in her coochie tell her what she worth? raps TrenchBaby Rich with a remarkable degree of confidence and simultaneous mockery for whoever he’s dissing on those bars.

No Lacking becomes very sticky to the ears very fast. With extraordinary quickness and energy, TrenchBaby Rich detaches himself from the odds against him and delves with a grandiose attitude into the self-made mentality and achievements. A song best experienced before leaving your house and into the cold world.

8. Pretty Brown Hair by DYLI

I am way too pretty to be out here throwing fists/ He said can I take a pic?/ Are you for real?/ You seen it all when you looking in the mirror/ Yeah she fine but there ain’t no need to stare/ Put that phone down/ Touch my pretty brown hair, softly raps the artist. DYLI’s new release displays a minuteness of realistic scenery set in a flirtatious environment like that of a club.

Pretty Brown Hair is a bonafide banger featuring heavy basslines and an uber-feminine delivery from DYLI making the artist an acoustically memorable performance. For all the ladies loving Rap without the gangsta part of it, this is your pick!

7. Sweet Tea by Bari Club

Bari Club’s Sweet Tea truly does feel like a sugary cup of chai. It’s good for the soul and for warming yourself up during cold autumn days. With a relaxed style and plenty of natural individuality, Bari’s Club raps about butterflies in the stomach, holdings hands, filling up the tank, packing venues, getting home, and putting someone’s something on an island (insert genuine giggle and go listen to the song yourself if you wanna know the answer).

Sweet Tea pragmatizes the lovers fantasy into an endearing, meticulous real-life dynamic and concomitantly it grants layers of musicality and instrumentation via its hybrid production style melding the old with the new.

6. Yesterday’s by Matt Nye

How do you obtain a jarringly outstanding Hip Hop masterpiece? By juxtaposing aggressive lyrics on a tranquil beat. It’s like every other day feel like yesterday/ Yesterday feel just like today but worse than yesterday/ And yesterday was just like my best of days in yesterdays/ But yesterdays are lesser days than present days.

Matt Nye’s Yesterday’s balances the uncomfortable reality of daily life against the poetic beauty resulting from it when looking from a future perspective. The production abounds with natural instruments, clean production, and a delightful monochromatic flow that fits perfectly within the sonic frame of the song.

5. Burning Bridges by Benny Banks

I guess she the poison that I like the most/ Stubborn b*tch treating me like I’m a ghost/ We so far apart and you still keep me close/ But what you meant to sell when all your dreams are sold? raps with coldness and nonchalance Benny Banks at the very intro of his release, Burning Bridges.

The high-end instrumentation overlapping with the organically sounding vocals of the Rap artist, give off sophisticated, old-school Hip Hop vibes meant to intensify the listener’s mental concentration throughout the 3 minutes and 47 seconds.

The narrative flaunts a character of its own with the narrator very openly speaking to a past lover while comparing their evolution or lack thereof in time: Used to be a page I thought I’d never turn/ Now I see you like a lesson I’ve already learned/ Working on being better while you’re getting worse/ I’m just looking like you’ll never learn.

4. Underdog by Parallax

As if abiding by unspoken rules of keeping it real, the 4th track on this list maintains the same vein of organic delivery in sync with the very real blood-red leaves starting to cover the Earth by now: Watch for a devil disguised in a halo/ Tryna get on the payroll/ ‘Cause I’m invested and I got a stake hold/ Yeah I’m up on the Main road putting my bet on/ Surviving the game show. Okay making that many words make sense and rhyme with O is impressive.

Parallax’s Underdog has the artist rap in a wild pursuit of himself, his dreams, his intentions, and his reality. It’s one of those records best consumed alone, in the morning, or right as you do your pushups in the gym. An admirable composition from an admirable artist.

3. Bank Rolls by 212 Laurent

I got expensive taste, this is something maybe you should know/ You got expensive habits, oh wow, how would I know?/ Booking more shows/ Panama coast/ Sit back and watch me just plot on a million, delivers his bars with a most opulent attitude the Rap artist. Maybe not ironically named, 212 Laurent (inspired by YSL?), brings a lyrical refinement to the material pursuit on his latest song, Bank Rolls, all the while coming off as palpably authentic and sincere in his expressions.

The music is pristinely mixed, mastered, and illustriously blended with the rapper’s vocals. A factor to be taken seriously into account when adding the song to your daily playlist for few indie artists succeed in matching radio hits in quality parameters.

2. SLEEP by Baby Cate

Yeah, didn’t wanna do it/ My eyes opened up now I’m really goin’ through it again/ I had a dream and I didn’t wanna lose it (nah nah)/ Quit my job, I was hella big/ But next I wanna fly so high that I never come down/ Gotta touch the sky where I’m far from the ground, relatably yet ethereally delicate raps Baby Cate. When you hear SLEEP you most definitely perceive the swag and attitude characteristic of a Hip Hop song but when you ride with the flow, you swiftly conclude Baby Cate is a whole hit songwriter and not just a rhyme crafter.

SLEEP is a wholesome, tenacious, and immensely ambitious soft Hip Hop record that proves Baby Cate is an exceptionally able artist.

1. Barium by Prime Sinister

Barium/ I’m elementary in the air and I’m aware/ That I’m the scariest carrier in the aquarium/ I’m delirious from fearing my delirium/ I’m weary cause the nearest to me scares when I’m ensnaring ’em, raps with tremendous potency the number one artist on this list, Prime Sinister.

With an overriding sense of dramatic artistry and astounding lyrical arsenal, Barium heightens the listener’s experience of its Hip Hop sonic quality to unexpected levels. In our not-so-humble opinion, Barium could easily obliterate some of the biggest current hits on the Billboard charts. Prime Sinisters is a master of embellishing human emotions to a layer of transcending the visible and touching your senses multilaterally: Like the Persians and Greeks/ And Imma keep burning the herbs when I tweak/ I will keep burning these nerds on the beat with this verse/ That I’m spitting as subversive critique. Phenomenal record wholeheartedly worthy of the top spot!

Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2022

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