Top 10 Best Indie Pop Songs Of Fall 2022 as per Blue Rhymez Ent.

That rebellious vibe, that alluring guitar, that warm yet angry voice – staple telltale signs of the Indie Pop genre that is seeing a major comeback after the pandemic (at least several great trends emerged after the fact!). Today’s list is extremely generous even with the pickiest of listeners. Each unique on its own but all undisputed in eminence, the following 10 best Indie Pop songs are the crème de la crème for the Fall season of 2022. You heard them here first!

10. Here I Go Again by Jason Black

Starting from a very neutral mood, Here I Go Again by Jason Black borders Country, Acoustic, and Indie Pop remaining gloriously free from the specifics of any one genre. The warm vocals, the grandiose production style, the sonically natural components, all fabulously beam in unity rendering the performance an organic experience from start to end. Best for the introverts falling in love and not finding a nearby chair to sit on.

Speaking of being the song that initiates the list, the artist matches us in feeling: I’m glad that you walked in and broke the ice/ ‘Cause I am scared to death ‘n trying to hide/ I don’t wanna fall in love tonight/ But something in your eyes tells me that I just might/ I don’t wanna break this heart.

9. white dress by Braden Lam

It’s a busy day/ Not for me to go in/ Pull you away/ Just a minute to talk/ To say it’s too late/ Wish we could go back to 1998/ And rewrite all the ways/ That I said your name/ But the sun still sets/ And our chapter ends, fulfills our fantasy of being whisked away on our wedding day by the one that got away, Braden Lam. Yes, totally guilty of intentional rhymes. Appreciate it!

white dress is a tranquil Indie Pop masterpiece that delves into the bitter finality of a missed love while being primarily led by the endearing voice of Braden Lam. The song doesn’t need many explanations or convincing. It is pure, it is beautiful, it is perfect just the way it is.

8. Trust Me by Jonathan Lewis

As we’re going on the other side of Indie Pop music, that of masterful, synthetic instrumentation and crystal-clear polished vocals, Trust Me by Jonathan Lewis is the right proponent.

Without you, I fall apart/ I think you’re the reason that I got this far/ Didn’t know it was gonna be this hard/ To keep you in my life cuz you’re all I got/ See I don’t wanna give something you not ready for/ ‘Cause without you baby I’m not breathing, sends us crying home Jonathan Lewis. You see, it is so hard to ingest beautiful, genuine love letters from songs like Trust Me when your Tinder date didn’t even say “thank you for all the hours you put in getting ready for this evening.” Emotional damage.

On a professional note, the song proves Indie Pop can simultaneously keep the bonafide nature of an acoustic singer and feature metallic synths borrowed from the EDM genre. Big thumbs up and a crying emoji at the same damn time.

7. Not Like That by Alexa Borden

Imagine Lana del Rey in 2012 at the top of her game. Cool scenario, ay? Yes! But add a twang and a dash of healthy attitude to it and you get Alexa Borden.

I wanna talk about God, but not like that/ Wanna talk about the world with you, but not like that/ I always wanna see the good before the bad/ But it’s not like that/ You’re trying to tell me how a good lady should be/ But who the hell are you?/ Yeah, who the hell are you? sends us in quivers of admiration and anger Alexa Borden. The admiration is self-explanatory. But the anger… Oh dear Lord Almighty… WHO THE HELL would EVER in this day and age preach about what a good lady is?

Leaving the clenched fists aside, Not Like That comes off as a piercingly beautiful and shockingly blunt Indie Pop piece for it addresses things and topics not many artists go for.

6. Ring Ring by Brian Walker

Going full-in for what you are used to hearing when saying Indie Pop, Brian Walker’s Ring Ring proudly retains the theatrical air of Pop records of another era, when there was more dancing and less smoking. Yup, we said it. Think of Justin Timberlake’s TKO.

You were the wolf in the sheepskin/ I was so young and naive then/ I should’ve seen the signs but I just looked away/ Partying out on the west end/ Then you go home with my best friend/ You left me saying two goodbyes in just one day, has us gawking at the screen Brian Walker. The song is wild in meaning, sensational in delivery, and splendid in production.

5. Good in My Shoes by Jordyn Sugar

My oh my if that’s not the same Jordyn Sugar from a while back! We stan an artist who consistently and vividly improves over time and with each release.

You’re wearing Prada, well I’m in Zara/ Their necks turn when you walk by/ You eat out, I take out, and what some cartoons high/ You’re 5’10”, you got men, well I’ve got news for you/ You’re gorgeous, got a fortress, but I am good in my shoes, takes a p*ss with class at the usual IG influencer, Jordyn Sugar. If you think we are exaggerating, peep the following lyrics: Hope you don’t mind if I’m not your kind/ Don’t want to try, cause I am cool with being me/ ‘Cause I like just who I am, ain’t no Kim Kardashian/ I see shooting stars sometimes too/ Yeah I don’t wanna be like you/ Girl I’m good in my own shoes. Case closed.

Good in My Shoes by Jordyn Sugar appears strikingly diverse in lyrical construct for it segments the superficial aspects of the popular girl archetype in today’s society all the while adding gorgeous supporting tracks making even R&B singers jealous of the vocal layering.

4. Wildflower by Thomas Day

When you feel the walls start to cave in/ Darling just hold on, be patient, try to remember/ When it’s late December/ The summer ain’t too far away, sweetly reminds us that soon will be December and SOON will be summer. Okay, long enough of a wait but so worth it when you see the music video!

A record of arresting density both music and lyric-wise, Wildflower by Thomas Day fills the room with aggressive drums, scattered synths, and intentional electrical distortions that grant the listener a very à la ’80s acoustic experience.

3. snow angels by GAYLE

Kinda wanna make snow angels in the grass/ Climbin’ on the roof, I don’t care if I show my ass/ Tell somebody I love them and then take it back/ ‘Cause life gets so damn sad, starts on a nihilistic foot the singer named GAYLE. And let us tell you, after the decades of regurgitated narratives, this one is shining like a diamond.

Fans of Charlie XCX rejoice! With a hypnotic quality to it, snow angels by GAYLE relies on a lively diversity of instruments aiding the confessional tone of the songwriter expressing her world views in a very IDGAF manner that for better or worse, is uber relatable in 2022.

2. Talkischeap by J-Minu$

J-Minu$ is the undiscovered genius on this list if we are to judge by the numbers he garnered on his music video for Talkischeap. 

If you want me, come show me then/ ‘Cause talk is cheap/ Now I doubt everything/ If you ’bout it, I’m ’bout it but lately you’ve been distant, sings in a highly melodic approach, J-Minu$. Talkischeap presents itself as a mixture of the classic organic instrumentation layout and modern slang terms that together end up feeling roguish and exquisite. Indie Pop at its best!

1. Spooky SZN 3 by Kid Travis

I keep running from nightmares/ Now and then I think of you/ I could act like I don’t care/ Guess it’s hard to face the truth/ Ay, I thought you were my type/ But you didn’t act right/ Guess it was all just a lie/ I used to stay up all night/ From sundown till sunrise/ Can’t act like I am surprised, hits us with the airy yet hearty voice, Kid Travis.

Kid Travis sets himself in a league of his own when it comes to Indie Pop records. Spooky SZN 3 is a solid exponent of the artist concocting a playful, colorful, and independent masterpiece that sticks itself onto your brain from the first hook. And well, the songwriter’s music has amassed a whopping 1.6M monthly listeners on Spotify proving our point. His sh*t’s too good to pass on.

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