Top 10 Best EDM Songs Of Fall 2022 as per Blue Rhymez Ent.

For today’s Top 10 list, we employed a fun, new method of introducing these songs to your pre-existing bias. At the end of each record’s review, you will find their famous counterparts so that you instantly know whether the song is for your taste or not. With that being said, enjoy the absolute Best 10 EDM Songs of Fall 2022 as per Blue Rhymez Entertainment.

10. Now It’s Too Late by Eduardo Rayez and Jeanway

Commencing with a particularly vehement synthetic sound, Now It’s Too Late by Eduardo Rayez and Jeanway is actually contrastingly emotional in narrative: Don’t know what you want, I need to know/ Don’t pick up your phone when I try to call/ Tell me what is wrong or what is right.

The hook section features heavy involvement from the ad-libs making these an integral part of the mystical vibe Now It’s Too Late confers. The musical basis of the song is monochromatic yet satisfactory bordering a House construct. A touch of organic instrumentation is felt through the piano chords thus balancing out the artificial frame of the sonic components. Lively, moving, and soft in places, Now It’s Too Late provides an EDM fever of amalgamated instruments while keeping the tranquility of a House song.

Who will like this song the most: Fans of David Guetta.

9. One Last Time by VIZE and R3HAB feat. Enny-Mae

In my head right now/ Voices too loud/ I can’t shut them up/ Try to fake the fun/ I can’t slow down/ Think I had enough/ Guess that it means that I’m calling it off/ I wanna go though I stayed here for hours, sings the artist with unusual ease in the head voice register.

One Last Time by VIZE, R3HAB, and Enny-Mae makes use of richly displayed instrumentation primarily led by the piano track and impressively aided by the crystal clear, polished vocals of Enny-Mae.

The second part of the song employs transitional synths and much heavier drums dictating the upbeat nature of the music. Although the introductory monologue by the singer was leaning towards a morose message, the hook flips the narrative on its head and renders the rest of it an enjoyable EDM experience.

Perfect match if you enjoy the music of Clean Bandit.

8. Frozen River by Hard Lights, Mangoo, Felix Schorn feat. Jessica Chertock

 As if ruptured from the Dubstep and once uber-popular Electronica scene from the mid-2000s, Frozen River by Hard Lights, Mangoo, Felix Schorn, and Jessica Chertock reminds the audience of the richness and vitality of overtly synthetic music paired with memorable vocals.

There’s a fire burning in the dark/ Calling to my soul/ Feel the flames that spark/ Igniting in my heart/ The frozen river flows/ Line up all of the fighters/ Hiding in the smoke/ Raise up all of your lighters/ Blazing in the snow, relies on wordplay the songwriter. Think of the record as a fun soundtrack to an electronic fight movie.

Perfect addition for those who still vibe to Basshunter.

7. Underneath by Gammer

Singing in that modern half-romantic, half-tying all words together to a point of making words sound like one enchanting spell rather than lyrics of a song, Linney, the vocalist of Underneath speedily unveils herself to be the glue of the song composed by Gammer.

Underneath brings to the table an unparalleled outpouring of larger-than-life electro synths welded in deep contrast with the breezy voice of Linney resulting in an EDM exponent the world hasn’t witnessed for about 8 years.

Most likely to appreciate this masterpiece: Martin Garrix fans.

6. Need Ya by Bonnie X Clyde and FOMO 

You said you’re getting over me/ But I still need ya/ How could you just get up and leave?/ ‘Cause I still need ya/ What have you done to me?/ Tears fall from my eyes/ ‘Cause you were made for me all along, cuts deep with the vocals the singer of Need Ya by Bonnie X Clyde and FOMO.

Need Ya is one of those songs that once you hit play you find yourself unable to do anything else other than wait for the drop, the hook, and obediently consume the product in its entirety. It is dangerously addictive, profound, and oddly enough, tenfold more memorable than the usual EDM piece you get randomly suggested by YouTube.

Soul match for loyal listeners of Tiësto.

5. Open Up by VAMERO, Arem Ozguc and Arman Aydin

Falling from the stars/ Now the sky is getting dark/ She’s on top of me/ She wouldn’t let me leave/ She opens up the scars/ She’s just here to break my heart/ She’s k*lling me/ I’m lovin’ it how it feels, intriguingly begins Open Up by VAMERO, Arem Ozguc, and Arman Aydin.

What starts as a mental epilogue soon turns into an epic EDM voyage of sorts. Executed with skill and an idyllic sonic balance, the vocals of Open Up preserve the unique attribution of the instrumental and vice-versa. This is not a record where one precedes the other. Both work in tandem to concoct a moderately paced, aggressive electro-synth type of song. The low-pitch filtered vocal layer adds depth to the mix and makes the record a staple piece in the repertoire of the 3 collaborating names.

Likeliest to fall in love with the song: fans of Ilkay Sencan.

4. Love Of Yesterday by Bazz

Don’t wanna fall into your arms again/ Don’t wanna give you everything I have/ And see you walk away/ Don’t wanna fall into your arms again/ Don’t wanna be reminded of the pain/ And the love of yesterday, soulfully shines through the lead voice of Love of Yesterday by Bazz only to be annihilated in a splendid electro thunder right after.

The composer and lyricist, Bjoern Krumbuegel, did a terrific job extrapolating the endearing words, that without the accompanying music would easily be attributed to a ballad, to an EDM format while integrating the sax sound flawlessly within the bedrock of Love of Yesterday.

Match made in heaven for fans of Major Lazer’s Dance tracks.

3. Give Me Your Love by Boris Ayson

From Hague, Netherlands, the 21-year-old producer’s engineering and composition skills invite staggering admiration for the lavish EDM rendition named Give Me Your Love. Hot, sultry, and deep in meaning, the record can be given EDM cred as well as VIP Pop treatment for it is authentically Dance in music as it is Pop in vocal layout.

Tell me why am I falling in too deep?/ In your ocean eyes, I can barely breathe/ You don’t realize what you want from me/ What you want from me, convincingly sings the vocalist of the song. and yes, definitely bonus points to the producers for their artist pick. We can’t imagine a more ideal rendition or register than the one we hear.

Very similar to Zedd’s newer catalog.

2. Waste of Time by Andrew Lampa

Was it all a waste of time?/ I know we never had a moment/ To really think about what we meant/ I never got the chance to show it/ You were the only one I had left/ Take me back to when we were younger/ I could never forget, flow rather painstakingly perfect the melodic lyrics of Waste of Time by Andrew Lampa.

The energetic rise and blow of the instrumental is a sight to behold. There is the initial prebuild relying on the piano and the singer’s vocals. Then there is the calm before the storm adorned by a curt pre-hook section. Then there is the perfect cluster of instruments composing the drop joined in by a female vocalist. Ugh! Gorgeous.

Waste of Time achieves a great quality marriage between male vocals, female supporting back tracks, and the classic electro synth, robotized filters, and metallic sonic infusions in places.

Jonas Blue aficionados will take a big liking to this one.

1. The Captain Down Below by Behmer, Amberlind, B3nte

You ever imagined a shanty in EDM format? Us neither until TODAY. Long story short, Behmer, Amberlind, and B3nte took Pirates of the Caribbean to Mars and in that world, judging off the music, Jack Sparrow is wearing a cool LED jacket while his shipmates dance jumpstyle and are aided by aliens. No, seriously, this is some epic sh*t.

Now memorize the easy lyrics and go sing your head off while p*ssing off your Fortnite buds: This is the tale about the captain down below/ The pirate who played the piano/ His skin was so pale and his fingers were so blue/ He played the only melody he knew. Dumtz dumtz dumtz.

The way these three combined something pertaining to a time we fortunately didn’t get to live, that of pirates being the rebels of society, with the hyper-modern production of hybrid EDM is beyond normal comprehension.

Same vein of grandeur as the half-a-billion famous TSUNAMI.

Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2022

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