10 Social Media Content Ideas For Using Holidays To Organically Promote Your Music (part 1/2)

An indie musician is a smart musician. And a smart musician is a savvy content creator. In one quote: work smarter not harder. You’re already putting in a lot of effort writing those songs and anchoring them around your brand’s persona and core statement so why try reinventing the wheel when it comes to social media? Did you know that during summer time the whole internet usage drops considerably and that when fall comes around the reverse happens? Yeah. So apply what’s already happening in the world to YOUR advantage. To promoting your music. And because we’re the absolute best when it comes to the indie sphere, we’re doing your homework. Here are 10 social media content ideas for using holidays to organically promote your music.

10. A cosplay-like performance.

If your song speaks of love at first sight and Halloween is around the corner, no worries! Stick your head into a pumpkin and perform that same song dressed up for the occasion. We promise, your followers will love you, appreciate you, remember you, and want to stream the song afterwards if it’s worth it. If you’re not bold enough to go for the pumpkin idea, dress up as a witch or whatever.

9. Flip the lyrics.

Perform your song, whatever its narrative, but change the lyrics to reflect the holiday. Kinda like what churches in US do with famous songs: rewrite the lyrics to Jesus-dedicated prayers and then rock the sh*t out of it. Don’t believe us? Look up on YouTube.

8. Perform the song in a themed environment.

Go to your local mall, find a Christmas tree and perform a bit from your newest release that you are trying to promote right next to it. Equally, if it’s Valentine’s Day, find a nicely decorated place and shoot a 30-second video of you singing/rapping your own record and slap a caption along the lines of: The beauty of X Holiday got me in the mood of performing Y song. Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

7. Busk in a well-known local place.

We recommend this one especially if you are a musician who can play an instrument. Find the will to get your guitar and record yourself singing the hook (at the very least) of your song in a very locally famous place. The geo-tags will help enormously with the traffic of people during holidays in popular locations.

6. Show yourself decorating and hum your own song in the meantime.

Going back to Halloween since we’re about to celebrate it, show how you craft some decorations on your own and hum your own records while doing so. People will hang around to see for example how your first DIY carved pumpkin turns out but they will leave with an audio bit of your song that will make them inherently take a liking to it the next time they see another video of you performing that same song in a professional environment.

5. Wrap up your merch as themed gifts.

Let’s say it’s Saint Patrick’s day and you’re thinking to yourself how do I anchor my brand around this event without coming off as a total bandwagon rider? The easiest and most natural approach to this method is repurposing merch of yours into holiday-themed gifts. Show the process of you packing that Vinyl into a green-colored wrapping paper and talk about it. Who is it for, why, when, and how. People love seeing real-life stuff.

4. Perform for a cause.

If you are a good musician, everyone will be happy to have you as a performing act at their event. The ideal scenario is for you to find a cause to grace with your skill and talent. So for Christmas, the whole idea is to be giving and care about the less fortunate. Find a local charity organization or fundraiser to associate yourself with and record your performance. Double win for those who follow through: you show you have your heart in the right place AND you get to promote your music organically.

3. Dedicate a song to the occasion. Or the caption at least.

Almost any genre has staple records that are deemed as holiday songs. There are Rap, Rock, Pop, R&B, and even Funk Christmas songs. So just because you do Indietronica, for example, it does not mean you can’t craft a song specifically for the holidays. If you can’t pull off an original song, do a remix. If you can’t do that either, do a freestyle. If you can’t do that – go for a nicely written caption where you mention your fans, supporters, and how much they mean to you.

2. Throwback about a release matching the holiday.

If you happen to have released an album right around Christmas last year, do a reel celebrating the one-year anniversary AND mention how the spirit of the holiday impacted your own feeling about the songwriting and publishing process. Same for a music video, collaboration, album, single, remix, etc.

1. Show how good (or bad) a dancer you are.

These days, who fronts -flops. Who admits – wins. Take a shot if you must, and jump in front of the camera dancing to your own record to brag about how clumsy of a dancer you are, as a virtual gift for X holiday. If you can have fun with yourself, everyone else will too. Show your followers you know how to embrace your flaws and they will feel compelled to support you. There are too many perfect celebrities out there anyways.

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