10 Social Media Content Ideas For Using Holidays To Organically Promote Your Music (part 2/2)

After the first part has been taken into consideration by many artists and some even implemented the content ideas straight away, in comes part two with 10 more amazing video ideas for your TikTok and all other video platforms that you use for showing you exist and do music. Remember! There is no shortage of using what you already have to get what you want. There are, however, lazy artists who love the outcome without putting in the effort, in which case, this is not the website for you! For everyone else, enjoy the adventurous journey of being a musician who creates content around the clock in this day and age!

10. Compile music-related footage and throw a popular filter in.

TikTok has popular filters that go hand in hand with the holidays around the world. And the best part about it is that the algorithm pushes the videos using them to many For You Pages. So compile videos of any kind really as long as they show you with a mic, headphones, writing lyrics, playing an instrument, to always remind your followers what you are about, and throw the holiday-appropiate filter on top then watch those views going up!

9. Decorate your own decorations.

Let’s say you’re a band. And let’s assume you have some dexterity. Grab craft paper, scissors, glue, paint pens, and off you go to customize holiday decorations in the style of your band and likeness. Show on video your teamwork, your prep process, the process itself, and of course, the end result. You can also redecorate items you already own for the same reason. Old tree toys have their paint coming off? Perfect occasion for painting the logo/ name of your band on top and share the process with your fans while your song is in the background, duh!

8. A thank you message.

Another holiday-fit content idea is holding a speech on video (sing a song if you can) in which you thank your fans and followers for all their support throughout the years and subtle-not-subtle make reference to your biggest achievements of this year, thus reinforcing the idea of progression associated with your brand’s image and voice. Don’t forget to wish them warm greetings as well for the respective holiday.

7. Before vs Now.

If you can pull old footage from your first crappy shows with low attendance, use it to display the evident evolution you’ve gone through as an artist in the past year(s). Sure enough, anchor it in the existing holiday. For Halloween something along these lines will work: “For the past years, Halloween meant buying cheap costumes off Amazon and busking downtown X city. This year, it’s getting a custom-tailored suit from the best shop in town and performing at X lounge. Happy Halloween indeed!

6. A listening party if you can afford it.

This one can be achieved both in a small homey style and in a grand-scale, rent-a-venue style. You would ideally plan for the release of an EP/ album/ single months in advance so that it coincides with a meaningful holiday and use the listening party as a social motivation to get people together. Major bonus points if you can provide catering for the venue or order pizza at home for your buds. The idea is the following: you shoot the entire thing on your phone from multiple POVs. You could probably milk a party like this for months to come. One POV can be your friend’s saying something like ”when you don’t know what to do for Thanksgiving but your musician friend throws a listening party” and display fun moments from the evening. Your POV can be “When your holiday parties have become music testing ground” and show your friends’ reaction to your unreleased songs. Get those thinking gears turning because if you can write music, you definitely can create TikTok content.

5. Cook holiday meals under your own song.

It doesn’t matter if you are a great cook or a terrible amateur. Have fun in the kitchen and slap your music on top to connect the home content to your music career. That’s the secret to it really. Being able to connect EVERYTHING you do back to what you’re here for in the first place: music.

4. Shop with your song on top.

Or unpack gifts, or visit new places. Think like a tour guide and take your fans with you shopping, sightseeing, studio rehearsing, etc. This is a very easy format to pull off at all times especially during the holidays since most places decorate their interior for the occasion.

3. At-home fashion show for the occasion.

House and EDM producers will love this one since their songs are most adaptable to catwalk-style music. Out of ideas about what to post on Valentine’s Day to be entertaining but still make it about your music? Fret no more. Go get some inspo from fashion TikTok and learn how to blend multiple outfit presentations into one 30-second video. These types of videos look seriously fabulous and people stick around for the novelty and unpredictable factor. We’ve seen doctors show off their conference outfits and real estate investors their top open-house jackets. If they could do it, then you, the musician, have no excuse whatsoever.

2. Prep greeting cards using your lyrics.

Because you can and because you’re a writer after all! Use the lyrics from the song you want to promote to write appropriate holiday greetings. Love songs are great for Valentine’s Day. Fight songs – Independence Day. Cozy songs – Christmas. Dark vibes – Halloween. You get the idea. Show on video how you prep these cards and the lyrics you handwrite as well.

1. A holiday day in your professional life.

Most musicians work when everyone else rests. Pull back the curtain and share with your followers how YOU celebrate that same holiday. Very few people have to wake up early, do makeup, hair, rehearse the set, warm up their vocals, check in with the sound crew, dancers too if available, dress up in their outfit, then sit backstage waiting on their big moment. Spread some of that magic that comes with being a musician for a living.

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