Run From The Devil by Hunter Root, Twang With Swag From A Modern Rock Star

You see, the modern Rock star is not someone who’s passed out in the back of a limo with scantily-clad-dressed-barely-turned-eighteen younglings around them; because let’s admit it, those typologies were pretty effin problematic, not to mention, often DEAD before their time.

Nope. The modern Rock star from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Hunter Root to be more specific, is a solopreneur, musician, producer, sound engineer, instrumentalist, lyricist, and great hair stylist. The former is just something we always gotta mention in our articles about the man since his locks are to kill for.

Run From The Devil, the artist’s newest release, takes delight in seamlessly welding Rock, Country, and Folk elements topped with a nonchalant version of Hunter Root thus forming a triumphant record filled with whimsical acoustic happenings.

The lyrics of “Run From The Devil” came to me in a “rush” so to speak over the course of 10-15 minutes. I remember scrambling to put my thoughts on paper as I was finally able to put into words the way I had been feeling. Two very close friends of mine at the time went behind my back on separate occasions and slept with my very recent ex, who was also trying their hardest at the time to slander my name and reputation in an attempt to literally destroy my music career,” leaves us gasping the Acoustic Pop singer.

The guitar and the unmistakable banjo sound rush front and center establishing the most pleasant basis for the song we’ve yet to witness. The swag we mentioned in the title is perceptible from the getgo taking the form of marvelous syncopation between the instruments. Hunter Root knows how to write good songs.

Hey hey get on the level/ Really wanna know why you wanna sit and revel/ Both friends and enemies/ Either or, Lord well they sure made a sucker of me/ Sure got old fixating on that/ I could drop it all at the drop of a hat, sings the artist with undertones of restrained emotions hinting hard upon indifference on the outside while aching on the inside. Being aware of the real-life situation that shaped the single, makes the whole experience that much more gratifying.

The sticky acoustic motif ensuing past the first verse is an integral part of the hook itself as the latter consists of hey, hey! Run from the devil repeated twice. The underlying vibe of this segment is what you’d feel if put in a ring with Goliath and you were David; meaning you have very slim chances of making it out alive but since you can’t leave the ring, you might as well tie your hair back and get ready to fight.

Really wanna know why you went through all the trouble/ Trying hard to tear me down/ Lies as thick as the mud is brown/ Sure got old fixating on that/ I could drop it all at the drop of a hat, and there they go! The lies Hunter told us about in the opening of the article. With a dash of guilt and a ton of curiosity, we love songs that serve better drama than rom-coms.

Hunter Root’s vocals, pristine as ever, abide by the same natural warmth that he has gotten us used to for the past two years. The man knows to perpetually surprise his listeners by ironically keeping the essential, defining factors while also imbuing his new releases with a great variety of instruments, moods, and narratives. The very definition of new but not too new where it makes your music unrecognizable to the fans.

The midsection of Run From The Devil brings a novel measure of joviality and excitement to the otherwise morose story. The guitar helps fill the room with exhilaration thundering and roaring while the other instruments lay strongly at the basis of the instrumental.

The outro presents a great deal of interest for we hear those bottled emotions come out strongly in the form of Run From The Devil shouts and screams from the artist himself. The cherry on top or icing on the cake, have your pick but this apogee is worth a second play.

Run From The Devil reveals itself as a remarkable adventure of intensive emotional aftermath, stratified Country Rock tinges, and a fascinatingly unique voice, that of Hunter Root.

Song Credits: Hunter Root – Singer, Songwriter, Guitar, Bass Cajon, Tambourine Player, Music Producer, Recording and Sound Engineer; Dylan Madar – Banjo Player; Spencer Martin – Mastering Engineer.

Make sure you support the incredibly talented Hunter Root by streaming Run From The Devil on Tidal HERE, Amazon HERE, Apple Music HERE, Deezer HERE, YouTube Music HERE, and Spotify below:

Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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