7 Amazing Things You Will Only Experience In The Presence Of A Musician For Christmas

What if we told you that Christmas for a musician is not the same as Christmas for someone doing a different thing in life? You see, musicians live for emotions while logic is there to just keep them alive and help them calculate more or less the risks of their decisions. For all else, however, musicians are a unique, sometimes weird, yet wholesome bunch of folks. The following 7 things are experiences and eventualities only someone in the music business gets to live throughout the holiday season. Grab an apple and drink water! Yes, we’re giving up on the popcorn and soda. Bad for your health.

7. Technically analyzing carols and holiday songs.

We truly wish for you to go through this magical process at least once in your lifetime if you are not a musician yourself. When an old carol gets re-recorded, a musician will inherently pay the utmost attention to the novel instrumentation, style of production, altered chords, layered back vocals, and any added elements to the already-famous version they’re familiar with. It’s very much the same effect as a chef decoding the ingredients of a meal she is curious about. The magic happens when you happen to be next to a musician hearing a Christmas recording for the first time. High chance they will hit pause to ask “did you hear THAT???

6. Recognizing classics in public places.

Did you ever have a fancy meal in a nice restaurant around December and were elated at hearing vintage records imbuing the air and almost touching your taste buds too? Awesome! But did you recognize the singer and name of the song? Unlikely. That’s when you need a musician friend. True musicians respect timeless records because they recognize the value in the classic songwriters who have left behind entire catalogs of songs that still move, still get streamed, and still matter to the point of feeding their offspring and grandchildren.

5. Harmonizing with the city buskers.

And dancing to their renditions. Musicians truly know how to keep festivities and sincere joy alive. You also get to experience why the world needs them so badly when one randomly plays the mall piano and a stranger joins in to add depth to the music with a second pair of hands. Equally, the first people to start dancing randomly in full daylight because they like a song, are, lo and behold, musicians!

4. Singing perfectly along while window shopping.

If you never got jealous of a stranger hitting notes perfectly while going about their day, you haven’t been in the presence of a shopping musician yet. These talented folks will always sing along to songs they know and like. It is, after all, what they love the most in this world day in, and day out. And if you’re a musician reading this, know that it is not standard custom to belt out in public or perfectly harmonize with the radio at the H&M store so keep doing it! Keep making the world your stage!

3. Partying with other upcoming artists.

If there is one thing indie artists know more than just about anyone else is other indie artists. Musicians tend to flock to each other because they understand the hardship and joy this calling offers them so it’s pretty much an automatic bond. If you are friends or even in a relationship with a musician, you will often get invited to fun parties that otherwise wouldn’t even know the existence of.

2. Clubbing for a living.

Especially if we are talking about a Rap artist. For a very long time, before blowing up, Rap artists perform regularly in clubs and nightlife becomes an intrinsic part of their careers. If you’re the type of person to enjoy loud music and smoke guns, befriend a Rap artist. The best part is that your presence will suffice and won’t be required 9 times out of 10 to pay anything at the door. Christmas and holidays in general, only intensify the club gigs.

1. Shooting fun music videos.

If you go on a vacation with your musician friend, you will guaranteedly see them use the environment as a background prop for TikTok videos, recorded performances, and even music videos. Guess what happens when you do that around Christmas time? They’ll use your presence too if you let them. And guess what? That is one of the most exciting things you could experience in this life. Years later you will look back on that music video on YouTube and stop the frames to relive the fun you had that day.

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