5 Ways To Make Your Family An Integral Part Of Your Holiday Shows

Presumably, you’re a musician, and presumably, an adult one at that as you’ve clicked this title. Unlike the popular belief that music artists can’t enjoy the unity of a family and all the emotional and physical benefits that come with it, today we will give you the blueprint on how to actually include your partner and children in your hectic holiday schedule as a music artist. Thank us with a like and share!

5. Call them up on stage!

Look. Christmas is all about love, compassion, family, and tradition. If there is any one moment during the year in which your audience will be ecstatic to see you and your loved ones on stage it’s Christmas! You can dedicate a romantic Christmas song to your partner while holding their hand on stage and embracing them as well as having your children sing along for Jingle Bells. All it takes is imagination, a bit of preparation and so much love for your family! Trust us, neither you nor them will ever forget those moments shared in the public eye!

4. Touring is just camping on the go!

If you are on tour during the holidays, while we understand the convenience and temptation to just leave everyone else at home and only be concerned about your own cold feet and warm meals, put in the extra effort and get to enjoy the love your family has for you. There is a myriad of rental services that will make it possible for you to host your partner and children in the same RV while touring. Have your bandmates in a standard van and yourself and your family – in a camper that will allow for nomad holidays!

3. If physical proximity is a problem, streaming isn’t!

Here’s the thing. Adults create problems where they aren’t. Children are very emotional beings without judging too much, if at all, the adults around them and the decisions they make. That comes in later when society screws with your innocence. Assuming you can’t afford a camper to have your family with you, you can most definitely set up a tripod with your phone live streaming your performances directly for your family. Keep in mind this is different than streaming for fans so use two phones if you have to but give your family special treatment and look specifically into the camera for them at times during your show. Bonus points if you mention your kids’ names on stage and they lose their marbles at home jumping up and down seeing you as a hero. True love doesn’t require the moon. It only requires your intention and dedication.

2. Reduce your performance fee in exchange for accommodating your family.

If you’re at the level when you have a packed month ahead of time and you are able to plan and negotiate your show fees, then you should easily pull this one off. Many people have second and third houses or at the very least, empty rooms. You can directly negotiate with the promoters a lower fee in exchange for accommodating 3 more people. If you’re fortunate to be hosted at a hotel, an extra room might come at a very low cost for the promoters and you would be giving them the chance to save on the fee. When the accommodation costs less than the fee discount you offer, it’s a done deal!

1. Make your family your staff.

No, seriously. This can work out tremendously for everyone if they’re willing to put in the work and equally rest with you. A music career is nothing more than an entrepreneur with a team following her. Your partner can learn to take photos on high shutter speed and the camera will do most of the work itself. That is serious money saved on a photographer for both you and the venue. Your children, if older than 12, can easily learn to count seats, spread flyers, ask for emails at the door, and do the coat-checking part. You’re already a team at home so why not try being one in public too? Not to mention that your spouse and children won’t try to scam you, drug you, rob you, or sell juice about you to gossip blogs.

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