7 Perks Only Christmas Can Offer To Musicians

Truth is, as a musician, you take for granted just how many unique opportunities Christmas offers for your career advancement. Let’s take a deep dive into the 7 perks only this one holiday can offer you during the cold days of December! Warning: it may just become your favorite annual thing by the end of the article.

7. Being Emotional Without Going Off-Brand.

Say you are a Hip Hop head and your go-to theme is flashing lights and dollar bills. The only time you will still be taken seriously as an artist while allowing yourself to be emotional is Christmas. Compassion, love, generosity, and kindness are the default mood of December. So if you have some bottled-up feelings and sentimental messages for the world, Christmas is when you deliver.

6. Displaying your compassion as a human being without coming off as a clout chaser.

We are all very used by now seeing YouTube personalities and TikTokers being generous with people year-round. The issue arrives when you come to the realization that the help they offered may not be genuine at all and may have happened only to get their subscribers’ approval. Also, giving away money on camera leads to tons of views so it’s not hard to imagine some of these influencers and famous personalities have been generous for clout. Well, if you don’t want people to doubt your intentions, choose to be generous around Christmas. Make sure you encourage your fans to do the same when you share the act on social media.

5. Performing more than usual.

The absolute busiest time of the year for all musicians is Christmas. Regular people expect to see festivities and be entertained so the idea of paying to go see live artists is a no-brainer. Let’s say that if a low-income family doesn’t usually go out, they will most certainly allow themselves to splurge on concert tickets for Christmas.

4. Making heaps of great contacts within the industry.

Because if you manage to get your foot in the door at an important party, chances are you will find those key individuals in a good mood. Never underestimate as a musician how important it is to connect with other business people in the right atmosphere when they are not work-mode activated.

3. Cosplaying without losing credibility.

Similar to number 7, Christmas is the only occasion that will allow a musician to step out of the public image they’ve created for themselves and jump into silly ugly sweaters, elf ears, and green socks. Add a chimney in the picture and your fans will be exulted at the sight of you in a totally new, unexpected environment and posture. A nice spike in engagement should follow!

2. Doing covers of famous classic carols.

How cool would it be if you could sing your first songs again and again and have your fans respect the re-releases and treat them as totally new compositions? Yeah, not in this world, and not unless you’re Taylor Swift fighting Scooter Braun. With that being said, you have one yearly window of singing stuff you like and are comfortable with without needing to enhance it, produce it, or record it. Turn on your phone camera, sing Jingle Bells, add the mic filter on top, hit Upload, and BAM! New reel.

1. Using personal content for digital wishes.

Tired of micro-planning your social media posts so that they make sense, fit the brand, show progression, but are not boring? Yeah, the indie life is tough stuff. But… when Santa’s around, variety’s abound! You don’t need a whole photoshoot to have a good post for wishing Happy Holidays to your fans and followers. A family portrait with a cookie plate in the front will suffice. You will also remind your fans you too are human and have loved ones you care about be it parents or children or spouses. So take advantage of the occasion to spice up your content!

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