10 Ways Physical Fitness Will Make You A Better Music Artist (part 1/2)

Let’s make it clear off the bat that one should always be at peace with oneself and respect their body the way they are in that moment. This, however, does not eliminate the desire to be healthier, better-looking, and more energetic. One’s body often reflects the self-love/hate dynamic going on in that person’s mind. And you will also find that the big majority of musicians do get into working out sooner or later. And there are major causes for the fact. Let’s discover together just to what extent will working out make you a better artist.

10. You learn self-control.

When you learn to count your calories and read the macronutrients on food labels before you purchase anything, something interesting happens. You learn the value of monitoring YOURSELF. This self-control spills over into the rest of the areas of your life. Those who have addiction issues, usually substance abuse, will find that working out and getting high go against each other and will be forced to make a decision. You either drop the gym and keep getting high or you drop the drugs and stick to working out. For those rolling their eyes right about now, wouldn’t you rather be addicted to working out 5 times a week than be lethargic, and look deplorable thus annihilating any credibility you might covet as a budding artist?

9. You’re safer on stage when you drag less weight on your body.

Again, we’re not encouraging stick-thin standards but we are encouraging achieving a healthy BMI so that performing does not feel like your life is being sucked out of you, or worse, that you’re at risk of hurting yourself. Performing should be energizing and a physically rewarding endeavor. When you’re too big, your risk of injuries increases significantly.

8. You become stress-immune.

Or at the very least, better equipped to deal with it. Physical movement directly impacts your brain in a positive way by pumping up your endorphins. Also, when you sweat and push yourself for more body duress, you sort of mimic stress itself thus building immunity for outside-the-gym situations. Don’t believe us? You will definitely believe official sources.

7. You look younger for longer.

Thus giving yourself a longer career span. Sure, many celebrities also get surgically enhanced but let’s not deny the fabulous results of those who consistently work out and watch what they ingest. Heck, look at these celebs in their overweight days and after!

Science backs up the claims with recent studies that established a link between longer telomeres (the endings of your chromosomes that control aging) that can be lengthened by working out, and the slowing down of your biological clock.

6. You grow a bigger fanbase.

No secrets here. The hotter you look, the more attention you get, the more you can monetize your talent. Being “hot” is usually defined by having toned muscles and a decently flat stomach (yes, we know some people genetically pack more fat around the abs but having fat rolls hanging over your pants is not a natural occurrence. It’s poor dieting and excess lipids). Since the modern music business is heavily anchored in looks, suffice to say, if you got into physical fitness, you will reap bigger rewards than if you kept looking average or overweight.

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