10 Ways Physical Fitness Will Make You A Better Music Artist (part 2/2)

In part 1 we shared with you 5 benefits of physical fitness that will impact a musician’s career in a monumental way. In part 2, we’re adding 5 more crucial ways your path will be directly and positively impacted if you included being in your best-shape-yet into your career frame. And because we’re all adults and we’re aware in today’s society sh*t gets sugarcoated all the time, know that we don’t! Therefore read at your discretion and if you get offended, go off in the comment section! We appreciate the engagement! ⭐

5. You have more money at your disposal.

Because physical activity boosts up your immune system thus doctor visits and medicine supplies are far inferior in quantity than of those who don’t work out. And guess what? Musicians need as much money saved as possible at all times. When you work for yourself AND you do music, your career is a rollercoaster. It is an exciting one, but a rollercoaster nonetheless. You don’t know for how long your song is going to chart, you don’t know if your next project will be well-received, you don’t know if you’ll still be earning the same percentage a year from now. Any minimized expenditures outside of music are a tremendous step ahead in your financial freedom. So work out!

4. You are able to perform at old age.

82-year-old Barbara Peters

You lose what you don’t use. Very simple. People, not just musicians, who don’t keep up with physical activity in time become rigid and thus the funny-looking robot moves. “Weakness and loss of balance are signs of inactivity, not of old age” (read the full Webmd article HERE). Therefore our dear readers who are musicians, get that ass moving and those hips thrusting! You have the future of your career in your hands if you work for it in advance.

3. You are highly marketable in your middle or even old age.

Than the musicians who stopped moving. The mainstream industry lied to you that if you don’t make it in your 20s, you’re doomed and worse, that all musicians are irrelevant past their 30s, which is false. What we’ve discovered, however, is that music artists who manage to look great in their 50s and past their 50s, have just the same earning potential if not higher than the young faces. And that is because 1. Your former audience got older with you and brands want to tap into the mature audience; 2. You become a role model for young folks who want to age beautifully so they join the hype train; 3. Nobody is threatened by a 60 year-old, therefore older people who look good are highly marketable. If you keep up fitness as a habit your entire life thus looking better than people your age past your 50s, you are flooded with cash opportunities in your seasoned years.

2. You increase your longevity.

91-year-old bodybuilder

Yes, even the CDC officially shared some interesting data: “For adults younger than 60, the risk of premature death leveled off at about 8,000 to 10,000 steps per day. For adults 60 and older, the risk of premature death leveled off at about 6,000 to 8,000 steps per day,” (full article HERE).

As a musician, if you live longer, you can choose to either do your job for longer OR you could choose to spend your well-earned golden age with family, friends, and travel the world. Musicians work extremely hard for a very long time in order to make it to financial freedom. Wouldn’t you like to be around to reap the benefits of all that work you put in?

1. You will still like yourself.

What good is a successful career when at the end of it you look in the mirror and can’t stand yourself? Now imagine you consistently worked out for decades, maintained a great looking body and face, and by the time you’re 80, you are able to look in the mirror and think to yourself you still got it. We know right now there aren’t many examples around to personify what we’re telling you but you must remember the artists you see being old now used to do A LOT of drugs, drinking, and overeating. Most of them never worked out regularly and immediately got fat when off tour. You, the one reading this, have the chance to be amongst the first generation of hot looking 80 year-olds.

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