7 Subtle Signs You Are About To Gain Serious Buzz

What if we told you that there are certain rather subtle indicators of a part-time indie artist transitioning to a full-time paid musician? When one of these things happens, you’re on the right path. When multiple signs occur – you’re doing well above average. And when all signs simultaneously take place over a short span of time – you’ve hit the jackpot. Congratulations to current and future paid, successful musicians!

7. Bigger artists want to collaborate with you for free.

Ooh, this is a very subtle, very major telltale sign. When heavier names, possibly even signed acts, approach you to work with you, actually seem excited at the idea, and most of the effort is coming from their camp, it’s 99% the case of an established artist wanting to ride your traction which in turn means you’re seen as a worthy act of associating oneself with. If you arrive at this moment in time, be careful who you work with and what benefits YOU reap too.

6. You are getting offered money to perform.

Many artists never live to see the day of performing for money. If you start getting booked for money, you’ve made it. All you have to do now is carefully navigate where you perform, what you perform, and how you move after you perform.

5. Your social media engagement is going up steadily without paid ads.

Because people are curious about you organically and don’t want to miss what you have to share, tell, and release. If you’re seeing your numbers steadily go up, a minimum of 10+ new followers a day, you’re about to get the snowball rolling for you. Enjoy the momentum and keep that content going! It is YOUR time to shine.

4. Fans are starting to tag their friends in the comment section.

Big, big lesser known indicator of an artist who’s about to hit it big. When people mentally place you far enough from themselves that they feel comfortable tagging their friends (you don’t tag people in the comment section unless you’re pretty sure that person will never read your comment thus you’re being placed on a higher pedestal), you’re seen as a legit star worthy of bragging about.

3. You get reshares without asking for them.

Because people actually believe in you, your brand statement, and are willingly part of your journey. You don’t have to work much to convince people who sincerely like you and believe in you. When those reshares/reposts start going up from 3 to 10, from 20 to 60, you’re good. Stay consistent and you’ll see what happens.

2. You get more views per upload systematically.

For the same reason explained in the previous points. You’re actually developing a fanbase now so people act like… fans! They watch like hawks what you upload on YouTube, hit that like, sub, and leave a comment without you needing to beg them, and you see nice spikes in retain power.

1. Media outlets reach out to you.

Because you’re worth talking about and potentially a source of free traffic. When you get local media outlets, then international ones, knocking on your door to feature you for free, it doesn’t get better than that. You will get bigger press and more expansive coverage but, having media covering you for free is called earned press and it is the hardest to get for very few are worth the effort of writing about and researching.

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