10 Music Industry Predictions for 2023

While we are not clairvoyants, we do have observation-based predictions for what’s to come in 2023 for music artists across the world. And A LOT of it is GREAT news. The jig is up and the appreciation for real effort has commenced because people always gravitate towards quality over quantity in the end. Just google how old records dominated the charts these past few years and you might surprise yourself with the findings.

10. More indie artists will gain fame.

Because people are starting to understand the definition of an industry plant, the hard work and damn near impossible levels of effort a solo artist without major backing has to put in, and the impact of limited resources on creating music. TikTok has been of monumental help in clearing the air and laying everything out in the open. Heaps of indie artists have recounted their stories and song-creating process to their fanbases and people took the hint. We predict more and more people will CHOOSE to support the local indie artist that sounds phenomenal over the label-promoted artist.

9. Mainstream labels will seek more partnerships with indie acts.

Because of how genuine the connection between an independent artist and his fans is. Making people like a signed artist has become rather the challenge to the point that labels hide from the public who their acts are and try to make people believe that the artist is pulling it all off on his/her own. It is much more exciting to support the underdog than the niece of a well-known, signed musician. So, in 2023 record labels will have their top artists collaborate with up-and-coming indie artists to keep that relevance and genuine quality.

8. Some musicians will go offline altogether.

Because it’s what the few do. If you are able to ride the wave BEFORE the world catches on to it, you end up at the TOP of the wave reaping the most benefits out of it. More and more young people quit social media and bring back reading books, hanging out in person, buying CD players, taking photos with old digital cameras, and plugging in cable earphones rather than the pricier Bluetooth version. Now imagine you catch a hot performance from an artist you can’t find on social media and the only place you can stay in touch with them is via their website. We’re telling you… This is how future megastars will be created.

7. We may see the first signs of global stars.

Speaking of… Number 8 ties into 7 and the first artists that will engage in this highly unusual method of creating a fanbase, will become, in our opinion, global phenomenons whose careers will mainly focus on their musical talent and live shows. Like we once used to perceive the standard of what a musician is supposed to be! What a time to be alive!

6. Fewer dances, more music.

Aaand 7 ties into 6. Because bonafide artists will see a prominent rise, the era of gyrating for views on social media will meet its dead end. People will start judging an artist based on what they hear and less on what they see.

5. Real-life experiences will trump the digital bullsh*t.

While digital bullsh*t may vary in meaning for each and every one of you reading, we are referring to meaningless trend videos like “what’s the color of my eyes,” “what is the best makeup for my face,” “what’s the ideal color for my skin,” etc. Just dumb sh*t that offers nothing of value to a musician’s career but that until now guaranteed a spike in exposure on the likes of TikTok simply ‘cause so many did it so it was relevant to do it.

4. More uber-creative music videos.

Because the competition is going up and artists have to think harder. Just showing yourself rapping in the studio won’t suffice to stand out from the myriads of new Hip Hop heads determined to take over. We guarantee an uptick in fun, crazy, and even possibly disturbing visuals.

3. An increased diversity in sonic hues.

Because more and more people around the world are becoming familiar with other cultures, nations, and traditions. The globalization phenomenon will be reflected in the songs that are created and promoted. In 2020-2021, before the war broke out, a whole lot of Russian songs found millions of fans of different origins thanks to TikTok. Now English Pop music is taking over the trending page, something we didn’t think we’d live to see again in this lifetime. And some Arabic songs are also taking off. We think we will soon be back to the Impacto days when half the song was done in Spanish and half in English and it was a party for everyone involved!

2. International collaborations will prevail.

Aren’t we just fabulous at making sense and leading one point to another? Hehe, all credit to the brilliant young team at Blue Rhymez Entertainment! For the minds and ears opening globally as we speak, music fans across all spectrums of nationality and race will be receptive to international collaborations thus prompting a rollercoaster of unlikely pairings throughout 2023.

1. Some old names will come back to the spotlight.

As artists will open up to more genres and more high-quality music, new names will feel motivated to collaborate with older legends, therefore, bringing much-missed attention to once top-of-the-food-chain artists. Many Millennials and Gen Zers discovered Dolly Parton thanks to Miley Cyrus for example. We are expecting to see a lot more of that happening in 2023.

Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2023

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