21 Questions with KYD Works, The New Age Spiritual Entrepreneur and Hip Hop Artist

1. What’s the objective of the Encore Podcast?

Same as The Lost Dynasty, to show all that observe that Greatness is a choice.

2. How did you make the transition from music to podcasting?

No transition, music is still the priority. Podcasting is a vehicle.

3. What does the podcast do for you that music can’t?

Dive into topics with more depth.”

4. Your preferred anime?

Attack On Titan.”

5. Your own favorite song?

Your Type.

6. Who’s your go-to producer?

The legend, Nick Price Beats.”

7. Your most endearing memory of your career thus far?

Working with the late Great legend DJ Kay Slay.”

8. The biggest truth you think indie artists are unaware of?

You are never truly there; the work never stops

9. Who are your biggest supporters?

My tribe made of my wife and brothers and strangers who understand the message.

10. What’s your remedy for difficult circumstances?

Stay the course… the only way out is through.”

11. Tokyo or New York City?

    NYC until I see what Tokyo is about firsthand.”

    12. Workout routine?

    7 days a week, cardio, mobility, flexibility, strength and conditioning.

    13. What did fitness teach you about self-control?

      Everyone has it most choose not to use it.”

      14. Your most memorable performance?

      Spring Bling at the masonic temple in Brooklyn.”

      15. What type of music did you listen to as a kid?

        Hip hop/rap, funk, soul, jazz, big band, contemporary.

        16. What about now?

        “The same with the addition of Phonk, trip-hop, acid jazz.”

        17. One surprising thing that most people would never guess about you?

          Gymnastics & Martial Arts are the foundation of my existence.

          18. One book you will never forget?

          The Stellar Man by John Baines.”

          19. A quote that guided you in dark times?

            “The choices we don’t make will be made for us.”

            20. Why Knowing Your Damage Works?

            I have had the honor of working with the beautiful soul, Mariana Berdianu. She birthed Knowing Your Damage Works after she found out my life story and pointed out how I turn darkness into light.

            21. A question for your 80-year-old self?

            Are you ready for what’s next?

            Blue Rhymez Entertainment ©2023

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