O is the Man by Oscar Biggs, The Modern Boom Bap King Is Back

Look, there’s no other way to put this. Oscar Biggs is the modern king of Boom Bap Rap. The artist coming from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, unleashed yet again his ferocious lyrical self on his newest release, O is the Man. Oscar’s creations distinguish themselves from everything else on the market through the impressively prescient mix of old-school Boom Bap influence and modern boisterous tendencies. It’s like having Ice Cube’s swag meshed with Eminem’s aggressive demeanor in one person. We like this guy a lot. O is the man!

When asked what inspired the creation of this hot record, Oscar shares a very modern incident that could have sincerely only taken place in this day and age: “What happened was… I paid for a Cameo from this very famous rapper, whose music I actually used to admire. Very simple, very straight to the point: you hear out my stuff, you give me a shout-out, and I pay you to use that video for promotional purposes. And turns out the guy is a scam. It was himself alright but he never gave me back the value of my money. He didn’t hear out my records, he didn’t do the shout-out properly, and didn’t even apologize for his unprofessional f*cking service. If you’re not going to do what you promised you would, give me back my money and we’re good. But you take my money and you don’t keep your end of the bargain? That’s just… low. So yeah, in that very instant I was hit by the realization that I’ve grown way past some of these rappers I used to look up to. I am the man.” Now we all wanna know his name! 😀

That broken piano intro is distinctly morbid in sound. The thunderous drums and the following ad-libs glide with consistent rhythm and sonic ease. It all fits. And then, equally imposing, the hook stomps in: “O is the man O God O my God O’s for Oscar/ O Lord! Oh my God! The O’s for Oscar/ Oh God! Oh my God! O’s for Oscar/ Oh God! Oh my God!” You see, only Oscar Biggs could possibly amalgamate anger, pride, and erotic exclamations in one single hook and make it sound fan-f*cking-tastic. If you are intrigued by how that sounds, great! Because O is the Man is all about the spectre comprised of these three emotions.

Sure enough, Oscar Biggs comes in ruthless and transfers himself from third person into first-person narrator: “Your whole steez is chump ay yo you look like a d*ke/ Plus you got the type of face only a mother can like/ You’s a disgrace to your family go take a hike/ Before I crack you in the head with a baseball bat that got spikes/ Yo I kick ass so much I’m famous for breaking coccyx/ I grip mics and rock sh*t from Montreal to the tropics.The rapper is a master of reflecting the sense of grandeur, raw emotions, and self-possession back to the audience through his impeccable bars. The world play is genius. The flow goes hard. The substance is undeniable. And we’re fans.

I’m so obsessed with Hip Hop I write raps in my sleep/ I got a witty pen game and lyrics that’s deep/ So get the f*ck out my kitchen if you can’t handle the heat/ Son I’m ill for real who can f*ck with me? nobody!/ Go play in traffic while I get my d*ck sucked by yo mommy.” He SNAPPED! Dueling this guy in a Verzuz battle would be a frightening challenge for any unseasoned artist and quite the difficulty even for veterans. You don’t meet crazy Hip Hop heads like this no more. Sure, there was 6ix9ine but his entire career feels like a gimmick. Oscar Biggs though, he’s the real deal. He is the same from his first song until now. And with every release, he’s solidifying his future legend status because you better believe this guy is gonna know international acclaim.

The second verse is hilarious, menacing, and stupidly entertaining: “I’m Oscar f*ckin’ Biggs I rock the crowd with ease b*tch/ …/ You need to stop stashing your balls in your f*ckin’ wife’s purse/ Got problems with me? nobody’ll stand by ya/ You’s a feminine f*ck prolly got a mangina/ Even in your own hood muthaf*ckas don’t like ya/ Yo I got props from over here to Carolina/ I write bars so hard y’already know that sh*t’s gone hit ya.” How does he even come up with this sh*t??? 😀 This fun lyrical unpredictability of the rapper is what’ll keep him on the radar of his fans for decades to come. The artist dominates all of his instrumentals with his constant flow motion and addictive punchlines while O is the Man demonstrates just how immense is Oscar Biggs’ linguistic legacy.

O is the Man hauls itself to the top of Oscar Biggs’ music catalog and confirms how great of a Boom Bap exponent is the artist for Gen Z and Gen Alpha. Yeah, those 2010 kids are now teenagers.

Song Credits: Guillaume Tranquil Richards (Oscar Biggs) – Artist, Songwriter; James Gorton (Jamie G Beats) – Music Producer; Merker Miyagi (Cali) – Sound Engineer.

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Written by Mariana Berdianu
Blue Rhymez Entertainment 

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